Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving 2014 America!

Tales wishes a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving 2014 to all Americans and to America itself. 

Happy Thanksgiving 2014 America!

In the Thanksgiving season of 2009 Dennis Prager [conservative talk show host and founder of his great Prager University web site] wrote this great piece on Thanksgiving in The Jewish Daily Forward :  An American Yom Tov

Dennis Prager
Dennis Prager: "Thanksgiving has always been my favorite national holiday. In fact, although I am a religious Jew (or rather, because I am a religious Jew), it rivals my favorite Jewish holidays for my affection.

It does so because it is quintessentially American, it is deeply religious without being denominational and it is based entirely on one of the most important, and noble, traits a human being can have — gratitude."

Dennis Prager writes at the end of his article:
"I recall with pride that in my Orthodox parents’ home on Thanksgiving we ritually washed our hands before the Thanksgiving meal and sang the Birkat Hamazon — the grace after meals — afterward as if it were a yom tov meal.

Indeed, Thanksgiving is literally a yom tov, a good day. The best there is."

Please read the entire article of this wonderful sense of Thanksgiving by Dennis Prager here.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Let's Remember Officer Wilson's Life Has Been Changed Forever Because of Actions By Michael Brown

I just posted this on my Face Book page, and I am copying and pasting it here.

With all the sympathy being shown for Michael Brown's family, which of course appropriate because they have lost a son, where is there any sympathy shown for the police officer Darren Wilson and his family whose lives have been changed forever for the worst directly because of the actions of Michael Brown?

This police officer who has served the public putting his life on the line for years, will probably have to resign from his job. He and his family will probably have to leave the community he loves. He will have to be under constant guard for the rest of his life because of death threats . 

And none of this would ever have had happened [or Michael Brown being killed] if Michael Brown hadn't committed a strong armed robery which set all of this in motion. Or if Michael Brown wouldn't have closed the police car door on Wilson and then punched him in the face. Or if Michael Brown wouldn't have reached for his the officer's gun. Or if Michael Brown wouldn't have charged the officer after first walking away. Or if after charging the officer and then stopping for a moment [at which time Officer Wilson stopped shooting] he then wouldn't have charged again [at which time he was fatally shot]. 

Michael Brown's decisions-any one of which if he wouldn't have done, he would still be alive today and Officer Wilson's life wouldn't have been changed forever, are the cause of what happened. 

That is sad, and yes show sympathy for Michael Brown's parents, but this is 100% the fault of Michael Brown.

God Bless Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke

I just saw [Tuesday Nov. 25] on Neil Cavuto's "Your World With Neil Cavuto" show on the Fox News Channel a riveting interview with Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.  David Clarke, who happens to be a black man, is one of the first people I have heard who made total sense about the grand jury verdict in Ferguson and the ensuing violence that occurred and was brave enough to say it. I agreed with every single thing this great man said and had to stand up and cheer.

God Bless Sheriff David Clarke!

See if this great American doesn't make you stand up and cheer.

Neil Cavuto interviews Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on November 25, 2014:

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The 2014 Great GOP Wave Showed the Formula For Victory in 2016 - Unity!

This is a repeat post from almost a year ago that was a plea for us, the GOP, to unite together as we were on the verge of a complete takeover of  congress [the House and the Senate].   

I am repeating this post not to just show how prescient "The Tales" was, but to show how Republicans, who are many times labeled the "stupid party",  followed the Tales advice as we came together united for an overwhelming tidal wave victory in 2014.  The GOP always gets criticized for bad moves they have made to cost them elections, so the Tales wanted to show how this time the GOP made the smart moves throughout the year that helped them to a great victory.  

I will be repeating this post in 2016 as the formula to win the White House and truly save the country. 

"GOP On The Brink Of 2014 Takeover--Stop Attacking Each Other" [posted on Dec. 12, 2013]:

2014!   Do you realize in 20 days 2014 is here.  In just a few months the primary elections will be here. Just a few months after that is when political elections are won and lost, when views are formed and solidified about the candidates and parties.  And in less than 11 months the 2014 general elections will be held where finally, finally this country may see light at the end of the tunnel by the voters expanding the GOP's control of the House and giving the GOP clear control of the US Senate.

2015 MINORITY leader
No more Harry Reid as majority leader!  No more of the small GOP majority in the House having to work with the majority Dems [Senate plus president] who could control the agenda.  When the GOP takes control of the Senate along with solid control of the House, we [GOP] will have complete control of the congress and complete control of two thirds of the political government.  We then will no longer have to work with the president, he will have to work with us if he wants anything done.  We will control the agenda.

Finally the light at the end of the American tunnel won't be an oncoming train

I am saying all this to say, come on GOP let's not blow it!  With victory on the brink, please lets unite and stop attacking each other.  The latest attacking each other is the budget deal Paul Ryan, R-WI has come up with.  Before this deal even came out it was being attacked by my fellow conservatives.  Come on, let's keep our eyes on the prize-taking control of the US Senate in 2014 and then winning the presidency in 2016.  Make no mistake this is not a great bill economically but it is a great bill politically.  It is a winning bill for the 2014 elections.  This compromise deal if approved means there will be no more continuing resolutions for two years.  That means there will be no more of president Obama and the Democrats dream of attacking and accusing the Republicans [with the help of the MSM] of wanting to shut down the government.   President Obama and the Democrats are on the ropes, and they know it.  They will no longer have the "shutdown" gambit to bail themselves out.

Rep Paul Ryan, R-WI
Rep Paul Ryan has admitted on the Sean Hannity TV show that this is in no way the budget deal he feels the country needs.  This is not his budget.  He is not touting this a great deal or even close to it. But, he said, "this deal gets us to 2014."  It also takes off some of the damaging sequester cuts on the military.  Rep Ryan admits, until we win elections, we will never get the budget deal needed for the country.  That makes a lot of sense to me.  This deal is a great deal politically as it gets us to 2014 where we can take over the senate and retain control of the house.  That is a good thing not just for the GOP but the country.

So, Tales is making a plea to all conservatives and all Republicans.  Let us unite like never before and stop attacking each other.  Let us pledge to keep our focus of attack on the liberals/Democrats.

Please, can we agree, at least until the 2014 elections are over, to stop attacking our fellow Republicans and conservatives in derogatory terms.  Representative Paul Ryan is not a RINO because he came up with this deal.  Senator Marco Rubio is not a RINO because he made one mistake in joining the gang of immigration 8.  Let all of us more conservative Republicans stop using the word RINO.  And to the establishment Republicans, Senator Ted Cruz is not a wacko bird because he took a principled conservative stance you happen to not agree with.  Those senators who stood with Senator Cruz, or the House GOP that passed bills aligned with Cruz stance to defund Obamacare, are not idiots or extremists.  No, they are on your GOP team, so establishment Republicans stop with the immature names.

2014 is just around the corner.  The GOP is on the 'complete control of congress' brink!  "Tales" plea: Stop attacking each other!

If the GOP unites together, victory will be ours in 2014!     Mark it down.

Monday, November 24, 2014

America Has Lost A Great Hero

R.I.P.  Adrian Lopez, USMC

John P. Lopez - Houston sports journalist and 
author and talk radio host
A great man on Houston sports radio, John Lopez, who is co-host with Nick Wright on the 610 Sports Radio morning show in Houston called "In The Loop" sadly lost his cousin  [who is so close to John that he felt like he was his brother], on Thursday morning November 20, 2014.  His cousin's name was Adrian Lopez.  Little did I know how heroic and patriotic Adrian Lopez was.  This was one courageous man.  America has truly lost one of its heroes.

The following is from John Lopez in his own salute to his cousin Adrian Lopez on Face Book:

I salute my heroic cousin. He left us early this morning. He's the reason I'm so involved in Patriots & Heroes. Two tours in Viet Nam, 13 verified kills, Marine Recon, attacked by a Tiger in battle, two Purple Hearts, Bronze Star. He even lived a year after they told him he had a couple weeks. Hoo-rah, Adrien.

This is Adrian Lopez, kneeling, with his Recon unit outside Da Nang. His unit found a lot of bad guys and saved hundreds if not thousands of American lives by doing so. Mortality rate for Recon in 1967 was more than 90-percent. He volunteered.

This is the pelt of the tiger that attacked Adrian Lopez in Viet Nam in 1967. If I remember right, Adrian told me it was Sgt. Griffith, on the right, that shot the 350-pound tiger.

John Lopez gave a tribute to Adrian on his "In the Loop" show on Friday morning.  Here is that tribute.  [thanks to Sports Radio 610's podcasts for the audio]

John Lopez Tribute To Adrian Lopez on Friday November 21, 2014 on "In the Loop":


Purple heart-2 for Adrian Lopez
Bronze Star for heroism

We express condolences to John and all of Adrian Lopez' family and may God Bless them and may God Bless all of our heroic veterans who have served or are serving now.