Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hall of Fame Baseball Announcer Vin Scully

Houston Sports 610 announcers Nick Wright and John Lopez
I heard an audio on the local Houston sports show on Wednesday morning, "In The Loop" with Nick Wright and John Lopez, on Sports Radio 610, of the legendary baseball announcer of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Vin Scully, relating a personal story of the Atlanta Braves outfielder Johnny Gomes while the game was going on.  

Hearing it revealed why the 59 year Hall of Fame announcer with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Vin Scully, is so beloved and has such long lasting popularity.

Hall of Fame Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball announcer, Vin Scully
What I loved about hearing the TV broadcast of the game by Vin Scully, he was telling the personal story of Gomes and also announcing Gomes time at bat at the same time without missing a beat.  It was great. 

This from Major League Baseball Fan Site:  "When Vin Scully talks, we listen. During Monday night’s Braves-Dodgers game, Scully narrated a story about Braves outfielder Jonny Gomes…and how he was once attacked by a wolf as a child."  

In the fan web site, I can't believe some fans were actually criticizing Scully for this.  I applaud him for this and think this is what makes him so beloved by baseball fans. 

May 25, 2015: Vin Scully tells personal story of young Johnny Gomes, while announcing his at bat vs the Dodgers :

This from the official web site of Vin Scully:  "Vin Scully, whose status as one of the top sportscasters in history was reaffirmed recently when he was named as “baseball’s all-time best broadcaster,” is in his 59th season as the “Voice of the Dodgers.” The Hall of Famer’s 59 years of consecutive service with the Dodgers is the longest of any current sports broadcaster with one team.  In the 2005 book “Voices of Summer” by Curt Smith, Scully was named as baseball's all-time best broadcaster based on “longevity, continuity, network coverage, kudos, language, popularity, persona, voice knowledge and miscellany.”  

From MLB You TubeHere is Vin Scully announcing Hank Aaron's historic 715th home run which surpassed Babe Ruth's long standing record on April 8, 1974 in Atlanta:

Tales congratulates Hall of Fame broadcaster, Vin Scully, for his long and continuing baseball broadcasting of excellence.  He is definitely near the top, if not the top baseball announcers of all time.  As Bum Phillips would say, it wouldn't take long to call the roll of the best of the best baseball announcers, and Vin Scully's name would be one of those few that were called.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

It's Not About You, Mr. President.

It's not about you, Mr. President. 

Last week on May 19, 2015, liberal journalist Jeffrey Goldberg [the man who, only God knows why, called Barack Obama the first Jewish president about 3 years ago] interviewed the president about the Iran nuclear deal.  From Hot Air, on the interview, Jeffrey Goldberg quoted president Obama: "Look, 20 years from now, I’m still going to be around, God willing. If Iran has a nuclear weapon, it’s my name on this",  Goldberg adds that Obama was apparently referring to the almost-finished nuclear agreement between Iran and a group of world powers led by the United States.  

It's not about you, Mr. President.   

Think about that statement Obama made to Jeffrey Goldberg.  Think of the arrogance and egotistical chutzpah of Obama implying you don't have to worry about the Iran deal, because if they do get a nuclear bomb down the road, you can blame him, so it's all good. 

It's not about you, Mr. President.  

I am sure that gives the people of Israel much comfort when  President Obama tells them that they don't ever have to worry about Iran getting a nuclear weapon because there is no way he would allow it to happen because it would make him look bad.  And anyway, if Iran does get a nuclear weapon down the road and kills the Jewish people and destroys Israel, Barack Obama will step up to the plate and say it is all on him.  Well, thanks a hell of a lot, Barack.

This isn't the first time the most egotistical man ever to occupy the White House has made the Iran deal all about him and his legacy [I submit at the expense of whether there is a good deal or not].   Just one month before, on April 13, 2015, former  Ambassador to the UN, Dan Gillerman of Israel, on the Neil Cavuto show, Your World,  also scolded a comment Obama made, telling president Obama, "this is not about your watch".  

Israeli patriot, Ambassador Dan Gillerman

From a Tales article published on April 15, 2015 entitled: "Israel Ambassador, Dan Gillerman: Mr. President, This is Not About Your Watch"  Ambassador Dan Gillerman told Neil Cavuto, "what worries me the most is that I heard the president of the United States say that Iran would not acquire nuclear weapons on his watch."  "Well, Mr. President, this is not about your watch.  This is about Iran's clock racing toward a nuclear device".  This is not about your watch.  This is not about the next 20 months of your term Mr. President.  Therefore, I hope you will "rise above the petty differences you have with the Prime Minister of Israel and get your act together" to do the right thing and realize "this is a bad deal". 

It's not about you, Mr. President.

Listen to the entire interview that Ambassador Gillerman had with Neil Cavuto on "Your World" on April 13, 2015:

While you may think the world revolves around you [or because of you], Barack Obama, I agree with the great Ambassador Gillerman of Israel regarding an Iran deal, "this is not about your watch."

It's not about you, Mr. President.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Why Does The Left Shy Away From This First For President Obama?

In a posting on Face Book by the great Guy P Benson on Friday May 22, was a link to an article by Allah Pundit in Hot Air, where Obama related in a synagogue how he was once referred to as "the first Jewish president".  That is true, the leftist journalist, Jeffrey Goldberg did refer to Obama as that in 2012 [why, only God knows].  Because of that stomach churning memory, I'd like to do a repeat of the post I originally published on May 17, 2012
Why Does The Left Shy Away From This First For President Obama?   Repeat post from May 17, 2012

The first Hispanic, female, Asian-American, Gay Jewish president?
Well now, we learn from Newsweek Magazine that Obama is the first gay president [not because he is Gay but because of his policies].  As noted [satirically, but accurately] in the Atlantic Wire, president Obama has at times been called 'admiringly' by the left as the first Jewish president [a description that, when I heard it, literally made me sick to my stomach], the first Asian-American president, the first Hispanic president and the first woman president.  What a guy, or what a gal for that matter.

Does anyone notice a description that the left has missed from our all encompassing president?  Haven't the liberals missed the obvious one?  Yes, of course.  Barack Hussein Obama, our first Muslim president.  If Barack Obama, the first black president can be called by the left our first female, Jewish, Hispanic gay president, why would they shy away from calling him our first Muslim president?  Do liberals consider that a negative connotation? Are they Islamophobic?

Certainly a case could easily be made that Obama has more affinity for the Muslim religion than his own Christian religion.  The first place he visited as president was to the Muslim 'world'.  He gave an address praising the Muslim religion and letting them know of his own [on his father's side] Muslim roots.  He has called the Muslim call to prayer the sweetest sound on earth. He has consistently tried to "reach out" to the Muslim world.  If some on the left, and I have no idea why, can call Obama the first Jewish president, why wouldn't they also call him [with a much greater reason] the first Muslim president?  The left must surely consider to call Obama the first Jewish president as an honor.  So, we must conclude that they [liberals] feel it would be no honor at all to call Obama the first Muslim president, because just as he is being called the first gay president or first Jewish president, he surely could, in the same way, be called the first Muslim president.

If these fair minded, tolerant liberals really felt that it was a positive thing to call Barack Obama a Muslim, I guarantee some liberal magazine would have already proudly made the announcement:
'Barack Obama, Our First Muslim President.' 

President Barack Obama the first...

Update - May 26, 2015:   As far as president Obama being the first Jewish president...let me think about that...I've thought about it-NO!   

If I drew a line with being Jewish on one end of the line and being anti-Jewish on the other end of the line, I would have to say that president Obama is closer to being the first anti-Jewish president than the first Jewish president, or certainly the first anti-Israel president [qualifier: during the presidents term in office, as Jimmy Carter would equal his anti-Israel status after leaving office]. 

Yes, President Obama, the first anti-Israel president. 

See the Tales can be fair and balanced, as I just gave president Obama credit by revealing another one of his firsts that the left must have forgotten about.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Barber's Adagio for Memorial Day Weekend 2015

repeat from 2011 Memorial Day weekend
Remember and say a prayer for all the heroes who have paid the ultimate price to ensure our freedom

May God Bless all of the fallen heroes of America's armed forces who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us and our country. Without the sacrifice made by so many, we would not have the free country we have today. Their sacrifice can never be repaid, but it must never be forgotten, and it must always be honored. 

As this Tales classical music weekend falls on the Memorial Day weekend, we would like to honor our fallen heroes with a somber, passionate, beautiful piece that has been played at many memorials: Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings.  We feel this piece is very appropriate on this American holiday also because Samuel Barber is one of the greatest American composers of the twentieth century. 

The emotional Adagio for Strings was arranged for string orchestra. It comes from the second movement of Barber's String Quartet, Op. 11. Barber finished the arrangement in 1936, the same year as he wrote the quartet. The music is the setting for Barber's 1967 choral arrangement of Agnus Dei.

This video of the 'Adagio for strings' was performed in England, a few days after the terrorists' attacks on America on 9-11-2001.  It is performed by the BBC Symphony Orchestra with the American conductor, Leonard Slatkin, conducting.   

On most of my classical music  posts on the weekend, I tell you to turn up the volume and just listen to the beautiful
music. On this post I am asking you to also put in full screen mode and watch this video.  This is a very moving video that I am positive will bring tears to your eyes on this Memorial Day weekend. You won't hear the usual rousing ovation at the finish, like you would on most classical music pieces, as you can tell the audience is drained from the heart rendering emotion of this piece.  The audience, as I would, sits there in contemplative silence. 

Samuel Barber: "Adagio for strings" in B-flat minor:

Also, please turn up the volume for the moving hymn that also brings tears to ones eyes: "Mansions of the Lord":

May God Bless America as we remember the fallen of the United States Armed Forces on this Memorial Day