Thursday, August 21, 2014

Obamacare, Anti-Gay?

When I first published this post in November of 2013, many people thought that this was a satire. I tried to make it humorous, but this actually was not a satire, and I think recent events have shown that instead, this post was very prescient.

On Special Report with Bret Baier this last week, Bret talked to this women, Susan Price who is a small business owner, who is married to a same sex partner and who echoed the exact sentiments I put in this post about Obamacare actually being discriminatory against same sex couples.  First read the post as originally published in November of 2013, then watch the short video of Susan Price's telling why she doesn't need or want to pay for the mandated birth control coverage that is in Obamacare.

Note:  Since this post was originally published, Ed Hendee, named in this post, has retired from his radio career to concentrate on his major business, owner of the Taste of Texas, a great steak restaurant in Houston.  Now Chris Salcedo, also of the Blaze, is host of the morning radio show on 700 am, Houston, TX.

Here is the post published on November 19, 2013 - "Obamacare, Anti-Gay?":

Local radio host and owner of the Taste of Texas restaurant, Edd Hendee, had this caller call in his radio show on Monday morning responding to this stubborn liberal caller who had just called in and didn't seem to listen to reason.  He told Edd, "Edd you are trying to appeal to him [the liberal caller] with facts and common sense, when liberals don't care about the facts-they only respond to emotion."

Houston talk show host Edd Hendee
The patriotic conservative talk show host agreed.  Yes, maybe we should try to communicate with liberals in the language they understand, opined Edd.   Let's appeal to them through emotion.

For example,  Edd Hendee wondered how liberals feel that Obamacare is anti-gay and anti-lesbian.

What's that, you may ask astonishingly?  Obamcare, anti-gay?  Well, every single policy is mandated to have maternity care.  Really president Obama?  You want to go there and rub it in gays and lesbians faces?  Maternity care for everyone? 

Plus, not only are lesbians and gays forced to have maternity care in their policies, that also means they are subsidizing the maternity care for couples who have those "evil" traditional marriages.  So, the president is not only rubbing traditional marriage in gays and lesbians faces, he is also making them pay for it.

Now the next time I hear those on the left tell us that president Obama has been giving Obamacare to us straight, I now understand they are referring to a certain type of woman. 

Straight women, this Obamacare is for you!

Obamacare, anti-Gay?   Tales reports, you decide.  

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Governor Jay Nixon Should Resign For His Outrageous Statement

From twitchy : Gov. Jay Nixon, D-MO issues video message, calls for ‘vigorous prosecution’ [of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson]. 

This case is about to go to the grand jury, and the chief officer of the state, the governor has already rendered judgment that the police officer should be prosecuted.  Oh, I guess that won't have any influence on the grand jury or justice for all. 

The governor of Missouri rightfully called for justice for Michael Brown, the teenager who was shot to death by Officer Wilson, but he stopped there.  Governor, yes, Michael Brown deserves justice but so does the police officer.  Because you are a police officer does not disqualify your constitutional rights.  At least I hope not, yet in this country.

I asked this question in my last post "Uma Pemmaraju: Profile in Great Interviewing": "Why do we never hear from the main stream media the word "alleged" or the words "innocent until proven guilty" when it involves a police officer?

I asked that question about the media.  I never thought it would apply to the governor of a state.  As I heard Megyn Kelly say on the Kelly Files, "That is outrageous."  I agree, Megyn!

On twitter I expressed my outrage last night by the following tweets from me and others:

   Michael Beckman @michaelbeck  ·  40m
I believe @ should resign for calling for the prosecution of 1 of his citizens before he has even been charged-
  Joseph Livingston, 3 @JoeyL3rd  ·  23m            
@ @ @ It was clearly irresponsible/He's an attorney, he should know better!!
  Michael Beckman@michaelbeck 20m
@ @ @ In America it's not just one side that deserves justice it's both sides--the Gov wants vigilante justice

  Joseph Livingston, 3 ‏@JoeyL3rd 1h
@ @ @ Well that's how I'm taking his comments "Let's just skip the GJ & go right to prosecution"

  Michael Beckman ‏@michaelbeck 18m
@ @ @ & implied is his conviction-he is the chief law enforcement officer of the state & has rendered judgment
  Michael Beckman ‏@michaelbeck 8m
@ @ @  @ I believe @ should resign 4 basically denying justice 2 one of his citizens

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This Coach's Post Game Speech A Winner

Coach Dave Belisle
The coach of the Little League team from Rhode Island, the Cumberland American All-Stars, Dave Belisle, gave one of the greatest post game speech's I have ever seen after his Little League team played the Jackie Robinson West team from Chicago, in an elimination game in the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA.  

No, Belisle's team did not win the game, they lost a heart breaker to the team from Chicago, 8-7 and that loss eliminated  them in the Little League World Series, but his speech was a winner. 

What an emotional moment for these young kids and for the coach, and the coach showed great leadership in making this strong, positive speech that I am sure these kids will remember for the rest of their lives. 

The Cumberland American All-Stars
These boys from Rhode Island lost a baseball game, but their great coach made sure they will go back home as winners.

Thanks to ESPN and Sports Center for this video.

Coach Dave Belisle addressing his Cumberland American All-Stars after their 8-7 loss:


Monday, August 18, 2014

Uma Pemmaraju: Profile In Great Interviewing

I think one of the toughest interviews to do would be like in the case that is happening in Ferguson, MO where some violence has erupted from protests taking place in wake of the tragic death of Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager shot by a Ferguson police officer.

Uma Pemmaraju
Uma Pemmaraju, who hosts a news show in the late morning on Saturdays on the Fox News Channel, interviewed MO state senator Maria Chappell-Nadal, a Democrat who represents the district that includes Ferguson, MO, this last Saturday August 16.

While being sensitive to the fact that there is a dead teenager, Uma also showed strength in asking the tough questions about the violence that had just taken place the night before, including violence against the very convenience store where Michael Brown "allegedly" stole merchandise and then shoved the store owner, just before his confrontation with the police officer.

Here is the interview, after which I will add a few comments about the state senator's response.

I agree with and appreciate the state senator's comments that the violence that was perpetrated was done by those outside of Ferguson wishing to take advantage of [for the most part] peaceful protests from the Ferguson citizens.

While I agree with 90% of her comments, I strongly disagree with her answer, when Uma pressed her about outsiders like Al Sharpton.  To me he is one of the main instigators, taking advantage of a sad situation, to perpetrate conflict within the community.  For the state senator Maria Chappell-Nadal to make excuses for him and say he is not about violence, that is where I part company and strongly disagree with her.

You can't have it both ways, senator.  You can't say it is "outsiders who are coming into Ferguson with their violent language and their behavior" but then not condemn one of the main outside perpetrators of divisive rhetoric.

I think Uma did a great job in letting the viewers understand that with her great questioning.

To me that was a profile in great interviewing.  Bravo, Uma!
One off topic question I have [that may be politically incorrect to ask]:  Why do we never hear from the main stream media the word "alleged" or the words "innocent until proven guilty" when it involves a police officer?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Drop-Lift Technique In Piano

Just returned from our great trip to London... one classical note from our trip I will mention: London had their wonderful annual classical music festival of concerts known as 'The BBC Proms' when we were there--unfortunately the seats were sold out on the days we could have attended.  The next time we go to London I want to be sure to go there during these concerts and make sure I secure some seats.  :-)

Maestro Sir Neville Marriner
I would have loved to have been there when on one concert they had the legendary maestro Sir Neville Marriner [who is now 90 years old] who for many years was the conductor, and is officially known as the Lifetime director of "Academy of St. Martin's In the Field", was at the podium with soloist Joshua Bell performing Bruch's violin concerto--that must have been amazing.  Bravo, to the youthful in spirit, Sir Neville Marriner for still going strong!  May he be going strong for many, many years to come.

I think I read somewhere that the virtuoso violinist Joshua Bell will become, if he is not already, the new director for the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields. So, congratulations and Bravo! to Joshua Bell, also.

As I am still trying to get back to speed from our wonderful trip to London and Paris, I hope you will enjoy this repeat post from November of 2011.
"The Drop-Lift Technique in Piano":

I think most of you know, that in the written music score, two notes that are the same that are connected by a curved line are called a tie. That curved line connecting those notes means that you play those two notes as one note, holding it for the timed value of the two notes.
This is called a "tie" where the low G# is held for the length of two measures

But many of you may not know that a curved line  [called slur] connecting two notes that are not the same [like the example below of E and D] means that you play the two seperate notes connected in a legato like fashion, and it also means the second note is to be played softer than the first, resulting in a loud-soft sound.

The "slur line" here means the drop-lift technique will be used where the D will be 
played softer than the E
In piano, this technique is called drop-lift.  When a pianist sees two different notes connected by a curved line, it means he/she will drop down on the first note and lift up in a rolling fashion on the second note [with the result that the second note will be played much softer than the first note].

Just like when you have a curved line [slur line] over many different notes which means you not only play those notes in a legato technique-by holding one note and not releasing that note until you begin to play the second note-but when there are only two different notes connected by a slur line-you must also not just play them legato but also use the drop lift technique to play the second note softer than the first.

This technique is many times written at the end of a phrase in a classical music piece.  You may not think this means much, but this technique really adds to the beauty of the piece. Along with rubato and ornaments [such as trills, and turns], the drop-lift technique [as it is called for the piano] helps make classical music sound beautiful. 

That contrasting dynamic sound between two notes is really pleasing to the ear.  Sometimes the contrast is subtle and sometimes it is pronounced.

This loud-soft technique of two different connected notes is also true for the other instruments of the orchestra.  I don't know what the technique is called for the different instruments or even if there is a name associated with the technique in instruments other than the piano.  I only know that in piano this is called drop-lift.

You can see demonstration of this technique in the following video of the first movement of Beethoven's dramatic Piano Concerto #3 in C-minor as played by the legendary virtuoso pianist Mitsuko Uchida.  There is more than one example of the drop lift technique and the loud soft technique used by the orchestra-but I will note one by each that you can see and hear.  The pianist will use the drop lift technique in measures 4:13-14, and the orchestra will use the loud soft technique in measures 5:31-32 and 5:33-34.  Without having seen the sheet music, I know in both instances they were scored with the slur line over the two different notes.

Please turn  up the volume to watch for the drop lift technique and listen to this beautiful piano concerto by Beethoven.

L.V. Beethoven: Piano Concerto #3 in C-minor, Movement 1, allegro con brio: