Thursday, August 17, 2017

This First Pitch Gives New Definition To Throwing Junk

John Berman - CNN morning host
Hat/Tip: Hugh Hewitt who mentioned this video on his morning radio show; and to CNN Host John Berman who I must give credit to the quip I used in the title of this post that the following video should be called "throwing junk".

I love baseball, and just one of the reasons is for its many long held traditions.  One of those traditions is having some different citizen/fan/celebrity, etc. throw out "the first pitch", before the game starts.   

I've seen many funny things happen during that first pitch ceremony, but what happened last night [Wed.-Aug. 16, 2017] in Fenway Park in Boston in a game between the Red Sox and Cardinals tops them all.  I am certainly not making fun of the fan of the Red Sox who threw out the first pitch, Jordan Leandre, who is a 17 year old courageous cancer survivor, just at the results of the pitch,  just a little bit outside.

Thanks to John Berman who I first heard say this, 
This First Pitch Gives New Definition To "Throwing Junk":

Jordan, I don't care if you can pitch or not, you are still a hero of mine for what you went through surviving cancer as a young child.  Bless You! 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

President Trump's Approval Hits A New Low

I predicted, in this post, during the 2016 presidential election, that because Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were the two most disapproved and disliked candidates running for president in history, whoever won would become the most disapproved [in poll numbers] president [during their four year term] overall since polling began. 

While we are only into the 7th month of this presidents first term in office, I believe the Real Clear Politics polling averages are starting to support my hypothesis. The President's highest approval average in these 7 months was on Feb. 4, 2017 at 46%.  On that day he also enjoyed the lowest negative spread of approval at -2.3%.  It has been downhill ever since, where today, August 15, 2017, Donald Trump has reached a new low approval rating of a dangerous 37.3%.

Real Clear Politics: August 15, 2017; President's approval rating average numbers:

At the same time the president's approval has reached a new low, his disapproval has reached a new high of 57.7%, nearly 6 in 10 Americans.  

The low in approval and high in disapproval number translates to a new low spread of -20.4%

Real Clear Politics: August 15, 2017 graph of spread between approval vs disapproval:
The red line is disapproval for President Trump and the black line is approval
I know when I report these numbers many of the Trump supporters will immediately say, 'fake news; these are the same polls that were so wrong in the 2016 presidential election.' But as I have pointed out in this post, "The Myth of the Bogus National Polls", that is a myth that the average of "national polls" were so far off. The final Real Clear Politics average of the national polls predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the national vote by 3 % and she ended up winning by 2%. 

So, while some of the individual state polls were off and most of the pundit predictions of the election results were off, the average of the national polls was amazingly close once again as displayed in Real Clear Politics.

That is why the low poll approval rating of the president, which has reached an even new low, should be disturbing to the Republican Party.  

Monday, August 14, 2017

... But As For Me

As I look back, I am proud I stood, and still stand, with these great patriots before the 2016 presidential election, in this post I originally published in August of 2016.  

"I know not what course others may take; but as for me," [I stand with these great patriots]:

Weekly Standard - Fox News contributor - Stephen Hayes

Senior Editor National Review - Jonah Goldberg

NRO contributor - "Morning Jolt" newsletter - Jim Geraghty

CNN political commentator - Tara Setmayer

Editor Weekly Standard - Bill Kristol
Columnist Senior Fellow EPPC - NRO contributor - Mona Charen

Foreign Affairs columnist & Editor WSJ - FNC - Bret Stephens

GOP strategist/consultant - TV commentator - Cheri Jacobus

Columnist - Author - worked in Reagan WH - Linda Chavez

U.S. Senator Nebraska Republican - Ben Sasse

Veteran - Writer NRO - Bestselling author - David French
Senior Editor NRO - music critic - Jay Nordlinger

  Columnist Washington Post - author - FNC - George Will

Republican media strategist - Rick Wilson

Blogger @Commentary - Senior Fellow EPPC - Peter Wehner

  Governor - 2012 GOP presidential nominee - Mitt Romney

Republican pundit - CNN - ABC - Ana Navarro

Conservative talk show host - author - Charlie Sykes

Townhall editor, Author, Fox News Contributor - Guy Benson

Professor Naval War College & Harvard Extension - Tom Nichols

A pretty impressive list of great Americans in my humble opinion.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Antonin Dvorak - The Great Czech, Mate

Repeat post from 3 years ago with additions

Antonin Dvorak [1841-1904]
One of my favorite composers is the great Czech Romantic composer, Antonin Dvorak [last name pronounced di-Vore-zshack].  While Bedrich Smetana is called the father of Czech music, Dvorak, born in 1841, is most widely recognized as the greatest Czech composer. Dvorak was a prolific composer of many genres in the classical music repertoire, including symphonies, Slavonic Dances, operas, string quartets, concertos, serenades, et al.

Antonin Dvorak is one of my favorite composers because so many of his melodic pieces are right up there in my favorites list. Just some examples: Dvorak's cello concerto is considered one of the greatest cello concertos ever written and is my favorite cello concerto; I love his violin concerto in A minor; One of my favorite symphonies of all is Dvorak's 9th symphony ["From The New World"];  Dvorak's wind and string serenades are also my favorites in those genres; The Dvorak String Quartet in F-Major ["The American"] and [via @PamelaGordon2] the Dvorak exquisite Piano Quintet #2 in A-Major are two wonderful chamber music pieces.

Dvorak's pieces are filled with beautiful melodies and a pleasing vibrant sound, as do so many of the compositions from the Romantic era composers. 

Please turn up the volume, play in full screen and enjoy some of the most beautiful music ever composed from this Czech, mate, and I think you will see why I consider Antonin Dvorak one of my favorite composers.

A. Dvorak: Serenade for Winds, Cello and Double-Bass in D-minor:

A. Dvorak: Serenade for Strings in E-Major, Movement 1, Moderato:

A. Dvorak: Symphony #9 in E-minor, "From the New World", movement 2, Largo:

A. Dvorak: Piano Quintet #2 in A-Major:

A. Dvorak: Violin Concerto in A-minor, Movement 3, Allegro giocoso ma non troppo:

A. Dvorak: Cello Concerto in B-minor:

Bravo, Dvorak!