Friday, August 1, 2014

Israeli Ambassador Dermer Challenges WH Assertion That IDF Action Was Indefensible

President Obama: "I don't have all the facts, but the Cambridge Police Department acted stupidly."  I am sure we all remember that inane pronouncement by this president.  Well, Barack Obama [the president-and oh, how it hurts me to say that] has done it again.

Presidential spokesman Josh Earnest
For a president who doesn't know anything about any of the scandals [even after years] in his administration, he seems to know everything immediately about what is happening in Gaza and the action that the IDF [Israel Defense Forces] are doing. 

Through his spokesperson, Josh Earnest, this White House said that there is no doubt what happened and that Israel's action was "unacceptable and indefensible". 

This is an outrageous pronouncement by the Obama administration.  They don't know all the facts or what actions were taken or the reason they were taken.  Obama looks like he couldn't wait to pounce on Israel, a country under attack from a terrorist group, Hamas who wants to destroy them, without knowing any of the true facts. 

Israel Ambassador Dermer
Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, was on Megyn Kelly's show, the Kelly Files, on Thursday night to respond to the White House's criticism of the Israel Defense Forces [and Israel itself]. 

Let me tell you about Ambassador Dermer.  He is a fantastic spokesman for Israel and is very measured and factual in all his comments. I love this man.  He also, as an Ambassador should be, has been very reluctant to make any statement against the current US administration.  He is a diplomat and is doing his job well, so I am not criticizing him at all.  He is doing a great job.

Well, this latest attack on Israel by the Obama administration was just too much for Ambassador Dermer and I believe for almost every citizen of Israel.  It was an outrageous claim by their supposed ally.  You could see in the following interview with Megyn Kelly how upset Ambassador Dermer was.  He did not mince words.

When Megyn Kelly asked Ambassador Dermer directly, if he defends Israel's action that the Obama administration called indefensible, he said "absolutely".  You could tell that inside he must have been fuming. 

The following video speaks for itself, and I will let Ambassador Dermer speak for himself.

What a brilliant spokesman for Israel, that should make all Jews proud.  It makes me proud.

God Bless Ambassador Dermer and God Bless Israel. 


These Clowns Aren't Funny

hat tip:
to my Aunt Carla, great patriotic American and supporter of Israel, from St. Louis. She sent this video, that was produced 10 months ago; with the Veterans Affairs scandal and the missing Lois Lerner IRS e-mails and the world virtually on fire with a clueless president and administration, it is even more relevant today.

This You Tube video is from Steve Nagel published on Sept. 22, 2013.  Quoting directly from Steve Nagel:  "America is run by the people for the people--let us not forget.  Morphs by Brisson Design, music by Carolina Taylor produced by Steve Nagel of UVPAQLITE in memory of David A. Noble (1984-2012) he never liked clowns" 

Send Out The Clowns

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hillary Clinton And Nancy Pelosi - Statements Of Naivety

There were two separate statements made recently that were amazing in their revelation of lack of knowledge about foreign policy [specifically Middle East politics] by two prominent women in politics: Former First Lady, Hillary Clinton, D-NY and Nancy Pelosi, D-CA.  One, amazingly, is a potential presidential candidate and the other is the former Speaker of the House. 

While Hillary Clinton acknowledges that Hamas fires its missiles into Israel from hospitals, schools and mosques [well thank you for that], she gives a possible reason [excuse] they do so because Gaza is so small and densely populated [i.e., where else can they shoot from]. 

Then Nancy Pelosi while being interviewed by "Say it again" Candy Crowley on CNN on Sunday, quotes Qatar [a government that is a friend of Hamas] that "Hamas is a humanitarian organization".  Why, they personally told Congressman Pelosi that over and over [so who could doubt their sincerity].  So, Pelosi thinks we can work with Qatar, since they are friendly with Hamas, to get Hamas to agree to a cease fire deal.  And I suppose she would trust Hamas then.

Hillary Clinton
Nancy Pelosi, D-CA

While pointing out these two women for, to be kind, less than insightful statements, I am not trying to imply anything about their gender having anything to do with their ignorance on Middle East politics, as there are many ignorant men in politics and ignorant on foreign policy issues.  Also, there are many great knowledgeable and insightful women in politics.  These two prominent women just don't happen to be among them.

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters
Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, a foreign policy strategic analyst talked about Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi's comments they made after they were played by Sean Hannity on the Sean Hannity Show, Tuesday night.  He also gave a no holds barred truthful assessment of the Middle East conflict between Israel and the terrorist killers Hamas, and what needs to happen for Israel's security. 

Check out the incredibly ignorant statements made by Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi and then listen to Ralph Peters reaction to those comments and his other statements about the Middle East conflict from the following video of the Sean Hannity Show on Tuesday night.

Note:  I love Sean Hannity and I hope he takes this as constructive criticism, but when interviewing Col. Peters [and most of his guests] he has an annoying habit of not letting the person he asks the question, finish their answer.  I sometimes want to scream, Sean this is an interesting guest, let him finish his answer.  I can truthfully say this is constructive and not destructive criticism because my wife says I have that same habit of asking her a question and breaking in before she finishes her answer.  I now understand why she finds that so annoying.  I pledge to the fetching Sheralyn, this will not happen anymore.  Well, I may look at my stop watch every now and then.  :-)

Lt.  Col. Ralph Peters discusses Middle East Politics With Sean Hannity, July 29, 2014:

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Fool On Capitol Hill

As we get closer to the November 2014 elections and with more polls showing that there is a great probability that the Republicans will take over the U.S. Senate, the Tales would like to do this repeat oldie [from 3 months ago] but goodie musical gem [err, I can dream can't I].

With all due respect to the great Beatles and with apologies to the fetching Mrs. B, who upon hearing me practice this video said, "not your [singing] again" [well she didn't exactly use the word singing], Tales presents another exclusive video song: "The Fool on Capitol Hill."

You might be wondering who that could be, since there are so many choices to choose from. Think, what happens there, stays there.  Think, former boxer.  Of course, when you think about it, maybe too many blows to the head is the reason that the US Senate is now led by the fool on capitol hill.

Look out Sir Paul, the Tales: The Fool on Capitol Hill:

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Senator Rubio Gives Riveting Defense Of Israel On Senate Floor

Senator Marco Rubio
My younger brother Brad, a moderate, non ideological independent who is a great patriot and a supporter and great friend of Israel, sent me the following e-mail and accompanying video of a riveting speech by Senator Marco Rubio, R-FL, on the Senate floor that he has allowed me to share.

 E-mail from my brother Brad:
"If you consider yourself a Jew and a supporter of Israel, you better pray this man becomes the next president, because Israel , assuming it still exists as a Jewish state in 2 years , needs total support from America, something almost no one agrees it has now with this WH. This speech is riveting and remarkable for its honesty and understanding ( contrasted with the naivety we now have ) of Islamic terror.

Peace and love 


Senator Marco Rubio Delivers Senate floor speech on the conflict in Gaza, July 25, 2014:

I replied back to my brother Brad,
"Riveting-truth!   I love that man and pray he becomes our next president. 
Thanks brother."

Tales will be making its official endorsement for the GOP nomination for president after these November elections, probably in January of 2015.  I don't want to give it away, but unless something changes, I will tell my brother Brad he will be very pleased with the Tales' selection.