Saturday, January 20, 2018

Mister Piano

Frederic Chopin [1810 - 1849]
I think I would be in pretty good company saying that the great Romantic era composer from Poland, Frederic Chopin, is the greatest composer of piano music ever.  This virtuoso of the piano was a master at composing beautiful romantic piano melodies.  While most of the masters were virtuosos in more than one instrument, that is not true with Chopin.  Piano was his instrument.  For that reason Chopin did not compose many pieces that contain orchestral music or even any other instruments.  From Wikipedia on the list of Chopin's compositions, I believe Chopin composed only 10 pieces that contained other instruments with the piano.  He composed two beautiful piano concertos; 3 pieces for cello and piano; a trio for violin, cello and piano; "Andante spianato et grande polonaise brillante" for orchestra and piano; a "Fantasy on Polish Airs" for piano and orchestra; "Rondo a la Krakowiak" for piano and orchestra; and "Variations of 'La ci darem la mano'" [an aria from Mozart's Don Giovanni] for orchestra and piano.  

Other than those ten pieces, every other composition of Chopin was for solo piano.  

He was prolific in his solo piano compositions with Etudes, Nocturnes, Polonaises, Sonatas, Preludes, Impromptus, Scherzos, Ballades, Mazurkas, and Waltzes.

Yes, it is true that most of the other great masters had many more great orchestral works and chamber pieces than Chopin, but not many of the other masters can come close to the so many beautiful solo piano compositions of Frederic Chopin.  

That is why I say that Frederic Chopin is indeed, Mister piano.

Please turn up the volume and enjoy some beautiful music for the piano from "Mister piano", Frederic Chopin.

F. Chopin: Nocturne #20 in C-sharp minor:

F. Chopin: Polonaise, op. 53 in A-flat Major, "Heroic":

F. Chopin: Grande Polonaise Brilliante in E Flat Major for piano and orchestra:

F. Chopin: Waltz in D-Flat Major, "Minute Waltz":

F. Chopin: Prelude #20 in C minor:

F. Chopin: Waltz #2 in C-sharp minor:

F. Chopin: Piano Concerto #1 in E minor:

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Classical Music For Relaxation

Why I am doing this post of giving you some music to relax by?  No reason, except that this is my blog and I can do it because I want to. Also, it's a good way to at least publish something when I am too lazy and getting too weary of doing a political post.   :-)

In a previous post, "You Can Get It All From Classical Music" , I noted how different classical music pieces offers all kinds of moods to the listener, from excitement and drama to somber and pensive to beautiful and relaxing. This post will be for those with stress in their lives, or for those who just want to hear some beautiful relaxing music.  

Classical music offers many pieces of relaxing beautiful music - here is just a tiny sample
As I always say on my classical music posts that I do on the weekend, please turn up the volume and enjoy. This is in no special order.

J.S. Bach: Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring:

W.A. Mozart: Serenade for Winds in B Flat Major, "Gran Partita", Movement 3, Adagio:

Johann Pachelbel: Canon in D Major:

Samuel Barber: Adagio For Strings [Original version for string quartet]:

Robert Schumann: Scenes From Childhood, #7, "Traumerei":

L.V. Beethoven: Piano Concerto #5 in E Flat Major, "Emperor", Movement 2, Adagio un poco mosso:

J.S. Bach: Air on the G-String:

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Why The Word 'Establishment' Has Replaced RINO As The Term Of GOP Derision

The host of the intelligent Hugh Hewitt Radio Show
My favorite radio talk show host, Hugh Hewitt who hosts the intelligent and news making Hugh Hewitt show, has recently [Jan. 16, 2018] stated who he believes is a real RINO among elected GOP leaders.  As it mirrors the same person who I named in this post and because I don't want to do a spoiler alert, you have to read the this repeat post from 2 years ago to find out who that is. As you read this, remember the time period [from January, 2016].  Can I say GMTA?  :-)  Because of  Hugh's comments, I am doing this repeat post.

Repeat post from Jan. 26, 2016

Mostly on the left we heard decades ago about an upcoming "ice age".  Then just a few years ago that gave way to "global warming."  Barack Obama said the issue was settled.  The science is in and no one can dispute man made global warming.   

Well that issue "that has been settled" didn't last long as global warming was displaced by the term, "climate change."  When is the last time you heard the words "global warming?"  The issue never changed for the left, only the words to describe it.  Why?  Because the scientific facts on the ground made anyone who continued to talk either about a new ice age or about global warming look foolish.  

So, the left cleverly used an all encompassing term, "climate change" that would account for any and all different patterns of weather.  If there are blizzards, it is because of climate change.  If there are droughts it is because of climate change.  If it is cold outside...climate change.  If it is hot outside...climate change.  Yes, the left was clever in replacing global warming with climate change.  That ends the argument for someone who would disagree because how can you prove a negative, especially on such a general term.   

Now that brings us to a similar change in terms on the "right" [politically].  Remember when the worst pejorative a Republican official or pundit could be called was RINO [Republican In Name Only].  Especially when there was an election coming up you would hear statements like, 'you can't vote for him, he's a RINO' or 'Let's throw all the RINO's out.'  

This election season have you noticed something strange.  For the most part, you haven't heard the acronym RINO any more.  It has been replaced by 'the establishment.'  Now the worst pejorative a Republican can be called is not RINO, but that he or she is part of 'the establishment'.

First of all, let me make it clear, I for one am glad the term RINO seems to be going out of style.  That was one of the most over-used and misused terms of all.  RINO, Republican in name only, was not used to describe someone who was not really a Republican, but it was being used to describe someone who wasn't conservative enough, in the eyes of the beholder.  

So, you had GOP politicians who were in office for decades as a Republican and who supported every single Republican candidate against the Democrats and who had voted for almost every single Republican bill or for every Republican judicial appointment being called RINO's.  Huh?  Now, you might be able to say some of those Republicans were not conservative enough for you, but what you couldn't legitimately call them was RINO.  

Not to say there weren't real RINO's.  Republicans who would consistently vote against the GOP, or who would support Democrats over Republicans in elections, or who would actually switch parties could more appropriately be called RINO's.  Some examples in my opinion would be Chuck Hagel, Charlie Crist or Ron Paul.  These politicians had the name Republicans but weren't really Republicans because they either supported Democrats over Republicans, or they voted against most Republican bills, or they actually switched parties to become Democrats. 

So, because of it's misuse and so much overuse, I am glad that RINO seems to be going out of the GOP lexicon.  

But now, 'the establishment' has replaced RINO, and just like RINO, it is becoming misused and overused.  It seems like anyone who isn't in line with their candidate or who is not as conservative as someone would like is all of a sudden the establishment or "the establishment's candidate."  

This is especially true with Donald Trump supporters who seem to think any Republican not named Donald Trump is a member of 'the establishment.'  

It is becoming silly season when you have someone like Senator Marco Rubio either being called 'the establishment' candidate or he is the one 'the establishment' wants to get the nomination [ergo, he is very bad, cannot be trusted and must be defeated].  This is the same Marco Rubio who was the first teaparty candidate who, against 'the establishment's wishes, defeated a real RINO, Charlie Crist, and who has only been in Washington D.C. a few years, now being called the establishment.  Also, one of the main arguments being used against Rubio is that he is missing a lot of votes, i.e., he is spending most of his time outside of Washington, D.C. - and he is the 'establishment'?  I know, I can already hear some of you Trump supporters saying, well he may not personally be the establishment but he is the establishment's candidate.  What?  Who is Marco Rubio being attacked by mostly in this campaign [in speeches and by campaign ads]?  Jeb Bush and Chris Christie and other so-called establishment candidates.  So, how can Marco Rubio be 'the establisment's candidate if many of the "establishment" candidates are attacking him?

So, why have Donald Trump supporters and others, replaced the acronym RINO with the phrase 'the establishment'?  

That's an easy one.  They can't use the term RINO this political season because they know the real one and true Republican in name only in this GOP race is....Donald Trump.

Yeah, he may be a RINO but at least he's not the establishment....or is he?
If they start calling other candidates RINO's, they smartly realize that because of Trump's lack of Republican identification in the past, and his supporting and donating money to many of the most liberal Democrats in recent past, and his statements that have criticized many Republican ideas in the past, he can surely be labeled as a RINO.  

So, just as the left cleverly switched terms from global warming to climate change, the Donald Trump supporters have cleverly switched terms from RINO to 'the establishment'.  

Just as global warming and RINO, seem to be going out of use, I for one hope the same fate happens with the terms 'climate change' and 'the establishment'.   

Monday, January 15, 2018

Happy Martin Luther King Day 2018

Happy Martin Luther King Day on this - Jan 15, 2018 - his 89th Birthday! 

Happy Birthday to a great American leader, a great man

From the  Biography web site of Martin Luther King, Jr.:  Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia. King, both a Baptist minister and civil-rights activist, had a seismic impact on race relations in the United States, beginning in the mid-1950s. Among many efforts, King headed the SCLC.  Through his activism, he played a pivotal role in ending the legal segregation of African-American citizens in the South and other areas of the nation, as well as the creation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  King received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964, among several other honors.  King was assassinated in April 1968, and continues to be remembered as one of the most lauded African-American leaders in history, often referenced by his 1963 speech, "I Have a Dream."

From the Bio page on You Tube this Mini Biography of Martin Luther King, Jr.:

On August 28, 1963 there was a huge civil rights "March on Washington for jobs and freedom", which culminated in Martin Luther King's iconic "I have a dream speech" on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, before hundreds of thousands [some estimate 250,000] of Americans.

Excerpt from Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech in Washington, D.C. August 28, 1963

Tales salutes this great American and wishes everyone a Happy MLK Day-2018!