Monday, February 1, 2021

Cal McNair: The Devil Made Me Do It?

When you read this account of what has gone down with the Texans, you just may be a little more understanding of the difficult choice facing the Houston Texans owner, Cal McNair. 

According to one of my informed sources [sorry, can't give him away], this is an account of the agonizing decision that Cal was faced with:

God:  Cal McNair, I have seen your good deeds and I am therefore blessing you [with the help of Rick Smith] with having Deshaun Watson as your franchise QB for as long as you want.

The Devil:  Cal McNair, don't listen to him. He is only giving you "the player", but I am offering you Jack Easterby!

Cal McNair:  Beelzebub, please tell me what this Jack Easterby does.

The Devil [clearing his throat]:  Well, Easterby does actually nothing, BUT, he is the best talker you will ever encounter-all you have to do to is give up Deshaun and he's yours, forever.

God:  I'm giving you the player.

The Devil:  I'm giving you the talker. 

God:  Deshaun Watson

The Devil:  Jack Easterby

Decades later, it is now judgement day for Cal McNair.  He greets St. Peter at the Pearly Gates:

St. Peter:  Cal McNair, going through your record, I see you turned down the awesome blessing from the Lord of Deshaun Watson and decided to keep Jack Easterby over Deshaun.  What say you? 

Cal McNair:  Oh, Lord forgive me.  The Devil made me do it.

The Lord, stepping in to answer:  As you know, I will forgive almost anything...anything, but forgiving keeping Easterby over Deshaun, even I can't go there.

The Devil [laughing hysterically]:  Got him! 

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