Friday, April 3, 2020

Tales Tweet of The Week [April 2020]

It is that time again, fans of the Tales website, to see which lucky tweeter will receive the famous "Tales Tweet of the Week" Award.  I know you have been waiting with bated breath.

"But Tales", I can hear some of you yelling through your computer/I phone screens, "there hasn't been a Tweet of the Week in many weeks/months ...years?"  That is true, my friends, but that makes this tweet of the week even sweeter and more valuable than if we would have had a boring...I mean, an exciting tweet every single week, after week, after week, after ... :-)

This tweet is a brilliant quip in my opinion, as it concerns one of my favorite themes opposing anti-vacciners who will not only endanger their own child but society at large, and combines it in a witty way, with the issue of the day.   

Note: When I talk about anti-vacciners I am not, of course, speaking about those parents whose children have legitimate needs not to vaccine, like if their child is allergic to the vaccine.  I really get upset with those people who not only would not vaccine their own children but advocate for others to not do so.

The tweeter is a first time winner of this highly esteemed award, Carlos A. Rodriguez, from Puerto Rico.  With a tweet like this, this may not be his last.  Of course, as often as Tales gives out a tweet of the week, it may be a while [day/week/month/year/decade] before he or anyone else wins another one.  What I love about this tweet is Carlos shows brilliance doesn't take many words to convey.  It is short but direct to the point.

Without further ado, let's see if you think this quip is as brilliant as I do, deserved of
The Tales Tweet of the Week:

Congratulations Carlos Rodriguez, this week's, Tales tweet of the week award winner.

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