Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The Deal Bill O'Brien Made

Originally published March 17, 2020:

Yesterday, March 16, 2020 the Houston Texans made, what most Houston Texans fans think, was the worst trade in NFL history:  DeAndre Hopkins [one of the top, if not the top, WR in the NFL] and a 4th round pick to the Arizona Cardinals for journeyman running back, David Johnson [with his overblown salary]  and a second round pick this year and a fourth round pick in 2021.  That's it.  That's it!

Even if for some reason DeAndre Hopkins demanded a trade, which he didn't, you have to get better value for him...a lot better value.  A lot, lot better value.

Bill O'Brien - "coach" and with apologies to all GM's everywhere- the "GM" of the Houston Texans
People in Houston and around the NFL are wondering how did the Arizona Cardinals pull this off ... or to put it another way, what in the hell was O'Brien thinking.  Well in this Tales exclusive, the Tales law team of Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe have come up with this video of the trade when it went down at 10:30 a.m., March 16, 2020, between Bill O'Brien in his office in Houston and Arizona Cardinals GM Steve Keim along with owner Michael Bidwell in their office in Phoenix, AZ.

March 16, 2020: Trade deal consummated between Bill O'Brien and Steve Keim with Michael Bidwell:

... and that's the way it was, March 16, 2020.


Anonymous said...

Great job, Michael! Ha! - DaveinAZ

Big Mike said...

Thanks big Dave!