Thursday, January 21, 2021

Tribute To A Special Child

As today, Jan. 21, is Jermaine's birthday  [he would be 44 years old today] here is a repeat post I did almost 7 years ago.

I want to thank everyone for all your well wishes and prayers for me and Sheralyn.  This is the eulogy/tribute I read for my wife's son Jermaine on 6-1-2013  who passed on May 25, 2013.
Tribute to a Special Child- June 1, 2013  

When a child is born it is a blessing to a parent.  That was true for Sheralyn with the birth of Jermaine in January of 1976.  In this case, not only was Sheralyn blessed, but so was Jermaine. He was blessed to have such a wonderful mother.

Jermaine was a special needs child. A special needs child needs a special Mom.  I can say unequivocally that Sheralyn is a special Mom. She has been special not just to Jermaine but to our daughter Ebony as well. I have never really expressed my appreciation to Sheralyn for everything she has done to be that special Mom.  Thank you, Sheralyn.  I love you.

Yes, Jermaine was a special needs child and he was very special to Sheralyn. She loved him with all of her heart and soul.  Jermaine in turn, though he might not be able to express himself in words, returned the love to Sheralyn. While it took a lot of extra care for her to take care of Jermaine, it didn't interfere with all of the love that she received from him. This was her baby, and he will always be her baby.  Nothing can take that away from her.

While, with all children, Jermaine could sometimes be unruly at home, he would never be unruly when he was out with Sheralyn and me. Whether Sheralyn and I would take Jermaine with us to a movie or a concert or any function, Jermaine would act like a perfect gentleman.  I remember when we used to go out to dinner with a young Jermaine and a very young Ebony, people would actually come to our table and compliment us that they had never seen such well behaved children before.  Trust me, that was all a result of Sheralyn's parenting, not mine.  Although, when someone complimented us, I would always be the first one to say, "thank you".  I believe in my heart, that Jermaine acted so well behaved in public because he loved Sheralyn so much that he would do nothing to embarrass her.

When Sheralyn and I dropped off Jermaine for his first day of school at Herod Elementary, I remember Jermaine had his head down walking slowly and waving his arm up and down from his side in an “aw shucks, do I have to go to school?” manner.  All of the teachers at Herod and at the special needs program that Jermaine would go to when he was older truly loved Jermaine.  Everyone who met Jermaine loved him.

Jermaine, at times, could be funny too.  I remember one of Sheralyn’s best friends, Maria, a wonderful Hispanic lady would sometimes baby sit for Jermaine at her home with her own children.  One time when we went to pick up Jermaine after an evening out, Maria came out laughing with Jermaine.  Maria said Jermaine made her laugh because she asked him if he wanted to play some game and Jermaine told her, “no way Jose.”  I don’t know where he came up with that one.

Yes, while Jermaine could only put together a few words at a time, many times he would bring us to laughter. Even more times, he would bring a smile to our face.

As you can tell, Sheralyn and Jermaine had a special relationship.  I want to thank Sheralyn for making me her husband and letting me be a part of that relationship to love Jermaine.  

While it has broken Sheralyn’s heart for her baby to have been taken at such an early age, I am praying that Sheralyn’s unwavering faith will ease her pain knowing that Jermaine is now resting with God. 

Her love for Jermaine will never end and he will always have a special place in her heart. 

May Jermaine rest in peace and may God Bless these two very special people, Jermaine and Sheralyn.

Sheralyn [A special Mom]
R.I.P. Jermaine [Jan 21, 1976 - May 25, 2013]

Sheralyn picked out this song "Agnus Dei" by Michael W. Smith to be played as the service ended:


tamij said...

So touching. I have no words...only prayers said through tears that the Lord will continue to comfort and lift up Sheralyn's hurting spirit.

Big Mike said...

Thank you so much Tami for your kind words and prayers.

Joel said...

A beautiful song for a beautiful angel, Jermaine,who is now singing "Alleluia" with the Lord. Hope that brings comfort to Sheralyn. You both remain in our prayers.

Big Mike said...

Thanks so much Joel for your continued prayers. Blessings!

Spurlee said...

Beautiful words and a beautiful song. We will continue to pray for you all, especially for Sheralyn. You are a terrific family. Love each other and heal.

Big Mike said...

Thank you so much Spurlee.

Kim McAllister said...

Beautiful, Michael. Absolutely beautiful. I'm sitting here laughing at "No way, Jose!" : ) God bless the entire family. You are all in my prayers.

Big Mike said...

Thanks Kim.. And that did get a big laugh here too- even bigger than I thought. :-))
Thanks for your continued prayers, Kim. Blessings.

susan said...

Your Eulogy was so beautiful. First hand I know what an amazing gift Sheralyn and you have been in Jermaine's life. What an inspiration to all who know you. I am so proud to call you my brother. I love you guys and pray that each day gets a little easier, but always keeping a special place in your heart for Jermaine.

Big Mike said...

Thank you sister. You don't know how much it meant to Sheralyn and me for you to be there. Love you!

Scott Rigsby said...

Oh Michael, your eulogy was indeed beautiful. Sheralyn picked a wonderful song. We all are continuing to keep your entire family in our prayers. I just can't get the image of a wonderfully whole in mind and spirit Jermaine worshiping the Lord and fellow-shipping with all that have gone before him out of my mind, it brings such joy to my heart. We love you, Michael :) -ToniMarie

Big Mike said...

And trust me ToniMarie all of your prayers have been so uplifting to us. Thanks so much TMR!
Blessings to you.

bradley said...

Mike, the heart with which you spoke at funeral was so so special and your words will be forever imbedded in OUR hearts. Jermaine was blessed with an angel from heaven in getting your beautiful wife, Sheralyn, and i have no doubt he was and is aware of that!!

Fondly, and with Love,
bro Brad

Big Mike said...

Thanks brother! Like I told Susan for my brothers and sister and Francine, Jean, Randy, Lisa, Stephen and Leslie all to be there to support us meant everything.

Francine said...

Dear MIke, There's not much more I can add that hasn't been said above. Your eulogy was a beautiful tribute to Jermaine's memory and to Sheralyn's devotion to her son. The one thing not mentioned in the comments is your caring and love for Jermaine over the years. You supported him and cared for him as you did for Ebony, and for that, you, as well as Sheralyn, have my utmost love and respect!
love, Francine

Big Mike said...

Thank you Francine. Love you!!

Anonymous said...

I just now read this and I can't tell you how honored to follow your posts on Twitter. As tears stream down, I know when I show Mr. "C" this after work this evening; it will bring back memories of our son Gene. Please give Mrs. "B" a big hug from a Mom who knows what her heart feels. :-( It sounds like your family is strong in Love. ThankYou for sharing. May God comfort you in this time. Prayers go out to you and your family, especially Sheralyn. There's nothing more than a Mother's love for her son.
Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Thank you so much Krissy and Mr. C. for those beautiful words. May God Bless you both.

Suzanne Ghosh said...

I had no idea you had such a tragedy in your life. God Bless you all and may Jermaine rest in the arms of our Lord.

Big Mike said...

Thank you so much Suzanne!