Sunday, December 20, 2020

Welcoming In Winter Solstice 2020 This Monday With Vivaldi and Haydn

While I know many of you will think winter has already gotten here for weeks with some of the cold weather and in some places snowstorms around the country, but finally on this Monday Dec. 21, 2020 it is officially the first day of Winter. It is the Winter Solstice.
The winter solstice is the day of the year with the fewest hours of daylight, and it marks the start of astronomical winter. After the winter solstice, days will start becoming longer and the nights shorter as spring approaches. 

The Tales, on this weekend eve of the Winter Solstice, would like to welcome in Winter with the Winter Violin Concerto [the #4 concerto] from Antonio Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" [set of four violin concertos representing each of the four seasons].

The popular Winter concerto is scored in F minor and has the usual three movements in a concerto.  These are all short movements [in time]: 1. Allegro non molto, 2. Largo, and 3. Allegro.

Please turn up the volume and enjoy "Winter" from Vivaldi:

Because of Franz Joseph Haydn's great success and critically acclaimed oratorio, "The Creation" in 1798, he composed a secular oratorio for "The Seasons".  While it may not have been as well received or popular as Vivaldi's "Four Seasons", it is a very good, substantial, and serious work.  Here is Haydn's 'Winter' from that oratorio.

F.J. Haydn: "Winter" from "The Seasons"

Welcome Winter - Just don't be too hard on us!  :-)

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