Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Tracy McGrady Leads Rockets To The Most Amazing Last Minute Comeback in NBA History

The title of this post is misleading, as the comeback occurred not only in the last minute, but in the last 35 seconds.

Fifteen years ago, on Dec. 9, 2004, the Houston Rockets were playing a home game against the San Antonio Spurs.  The score with 35 seconds left in the game was San Antonio 80 and the Houston Rockets 68. [check the year for such a low score :-)]

Twelve points down with 35 seconds left, game over, right?  Not so fast, my friend.  On a Rockets team led by Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady, the game was far from over.  Tracy McGrady took over and single handily brought the Rockets back to victory as he scored an amazing 13 points in 33 seconds to give the Rockets an 81-80 win.

Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady led the 2004-5 Houston Rockets
Thanks to ATT Sports Net Southwest and the Houston Rockets pre-game show with Kevin Eschenfelder and Calvin Murphy, for this following video:

Most amazing I can think of in last minute of a game.  Can you think of a better one? 

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