Monday, April 26, 2021

Remembering My Daughter's First Recital Piece At HSPVA

My daughter Ebony, who is now married to big John, and who has blessed us with our five year old precious granddaughter, Skye Noelle, has made Sheralyn and I so proud how she has grown up to be a wonderful human being of grace, dignity and integrity.

Growing up taking classical piano since age 6, she developed, with hard work and much practice, into a virtuoso piano player.  So, it really made us proud when she applied for admission into Houston's High School for the Performing Arts [HSPVA].  It is very difficult to get into that school, with only the best of the best being accepted.  So many very good applicants [for example piano] don't make it.  So, it really made us proud when Ebony did make it.  I believe it was her freshman year when Beyonce and the singing group, Destiny's Child, were at HSPVA.

Ebony and Skye
Ebony's senior recital was awesome playing 6 great classical music pieces by heart.  But it is her first piece I heard her play there as a freshman at there end of their year concert, that I can still remember as if it were today.  It was one of the beautiful impromptus by Franz Schubert.  His impromptu #2 in A Flat Major, from D 935.  [the classification system used to reference Schubert's pieces].  I really love this piece, that is so melodic and its character exudes Schubert.

Listen to the beautiful piece I heard my daughter play as a freshman at HSPVA - Oh, by the way, she played it flawlessly and beautifully.   :-)

Franz Schubert:  Impromptu D 935 #2 in A Flat Major, Allegretto:

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