Thursday, December 12, 2019

Andrea Bocelli - A Great Tenor, A Great Man

Five years ago, almost to the day, we [the fetching Mrs. B and I] were blessed to see Andrea Bocelli in Houston's Toyota Center.  Well, Sheralyn and I are once again blessed to see this great man on Thursday, Dec 12, 2019, once again in the Toyota Center.  Here is the post I wrote 5 years ago.

Houston Welcomes Andrea Bocelli  [Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2014]:

Tonight in the Toyota Center, Houston welcomes the beloved Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli for an evening of awesome music.  The fetching Mrs. B and I will be in attendance for this once in a lifetime event.  We can't wait.

Andrea Bocelli [born Sept. 22, 1958 - Lajatico, Italy]

I knew that the acclaimed tenor was blind but didn't know what happened and I learned this from the Life Site:

"Earlier this month [June 2010], a video was widely circulated showing the blind singer sitting at a piano, telling the story of his own birth.  He recounted how doctors had tried to convince his mother to abort him after she suffered an attack of appendicitis.  Doctors said that the child would be born with a disability.  Bocelli was born in 1958 to Alessandro and Edi Bocelli and was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma.  By age 12 he was completely blind.    He said that he had never wanted to talk about his blindness, “because really in my life are much more important things to tell: my life is a fairy tale, the story of a child who could not wait to go to Mass on Sundays because he would eventually be allowed to play a bit of the organ, who followed a dream and at one point that dream has come true.”  With the video story of his birth, he said, “I wanted to help, to comfort people who are in difficulties who sometimes just need to not feel abandoned: life is difficult, but you have to listen to them."

Welcome to Houston, Andrea!

Please turn up the volume and enjoy.  If you are like me you may get tears to your eyes.
Andrea Bocelli and Heather Headley - "The Prayer":

Andrea Bocelli and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir - "The Lord's Prayer":

UPDATE [after the end of the concert]:  Here is what I wrote on my Facebook page after just coming back home from the concert: "wow, wow, what magnificence by Andrea Bocelli-beauty beyond belief --with the Houston Symphony Orchestra and chorus and Heather Headley and a magnificent soprano, I forgot her name, this was a concert for a lifetime. The Houston audience loved him with an uproarious ovation that had Andrea sing 5 encore songs. We wouldn't let him leave. The final encore song was the aria Nessun Dorma from Puccini's Turandot... here is a version I found on You Tube.--what a way to end this wonderful evening! Bravo, Andrea Bocelli!

In reply, a great friend from Oregon, Carolyn, @strongthought on twitter, said: "What a great night to witness! Certainly a Nessun Dorma (None shall sleep) concert!

My brother Brad replied on Facebook: "Wow your excitement and appreciation of Andrea's genius is palpable. So glad (And envious)"

Then I replied back to my brother in a comment I should have put near the top of my original comments: "Brad one thing besides his unbelievable voice was his love you could see- so often he displayed this genuine smile that warmed your heart. What a great man!"

Andrea Bocelli is a great, great tenor, but more importantly he is a great man! 

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