Saturday, November 23, 2019

Tchaikovsky's Majestic Piano Masterpiece Highlights This Russian Flavored HSO Concert

It's that time once again when the fetching Mrs. Sheralyn B. and I head to Jones Hall in Houston to hear our world class Houston Symphony Orchestra in another blockbuster concert.

On this Saturday night we will be in for a treat as guest conductor, Maestro Krzysztof Urbanski leads our Grammy Award winning orchestra in a concert which features two of the most beloved pieces in the Romantic Era genre:  Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto #1 and [also] Russian Modest Mussorgsky's "Pictures At An Exhibition".

Russian Pianist Daniil Trifonov will be the soloist in Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto in Houston

This from the Houston Symphony Orchestra website: "You’ll know it from the first note! One of the most iconic openings in all of classical music is spun into a staggering tour de force for the ages in Tchaikovsky’s wildly popular concerto.  No one plays it better than Daniil Trifonov, an artist who “reaches places other pianists can only dream about” (Daily Telegraph).  Just like your favorite art gallery, Mussorgsky’s vivid, sonic sketches offer a feast for the senses and an escape from the ordinary, from the spooky haunts of Baba Yaga’s hut to the majestic gates of Kiev."

Tchaikovsky's stirring Piano Concerto #1 is scored in Bb minor with the usual 3 movements for a classical concerto:  1. Allegro con spirito; 2. Andantino Semplice; and 3. Allegro con fuoco. 

From Britannica:  "Pictures at an Exhibition, [is a] musical work in 10 movements by Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky that was inspired by a visit to an art exhibition.  Each of the movements represents one of the drawings or artworks on display.  Although originally composed in 1874 for solo piano, Pictures became better known in orchestral form, particularly as arranged by French composer Maurice Ravel in 1922."

As usual, when Sheralyn and I are blessed to attend a Houston Symphony Orchestra in Houston, I like to share a little of what we will be hearing on Saturday night.  So, please turn up the volume, play in full screen and enjoy these two wonderful Russian Romantic masterpieces.

P.I. Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto #1 in Bb minor:

Modest Mussorgsky: "Pictures At An Exhibition" [Ravel Orchestration]:

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