Tuesday, April 21, 2020

My Access To People That Would Have Been Impossible Without Twitter

This was first published about a month ago, but I am repeating with a big follow update that you will see in the next to the last person.

I know, the social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, get plenty of complaints and bad reviews from a lot of people.

I, for one though, really appreciate Twitter and all the interactions it brings with people from all over the world.  I am probably the quintessential non-famous person as I am not a celebrity, not a politician, not a movie star, not a TV star, not a professional, not an athlete, etc.; but that doesn't matter on twitter because I can still interact with politicians and movie stars and TV stars and athletes, et. al.

More than that, I am proud to say that amazingly to me, I have been honored to be followed on twitter by many famous people, that could never have been possible without Twitter.  On the political side I am proud to say I have been followed by famous people from all sides of the political spectrum, and I really appreciate that and I feel like I am friends with all.  I know there will be some people listed that many of you may not like politically.  I try and look for the good in people...and if these famous [that's what I call them] people are willing to follow such a non-famous person as me, I am not going to talk against them, even when I may disagree with them.

So, without further ado,

Here are some of the famous people who follow me on twitter which includes TV personalities, politicians, journalists, and sports personalities [athletes and journalists].  I am not giving this list to brag, but to thank each and everyone of you who do follow me on twitter-and not just these "famous" people, but everyone who follows me, famous or not.  It is truly an honor!

Former Press Secretary and TV personality - Dana Perino

Melanie Lawson - legendary Houston TV anchor on ABC

Former Deputy Chief of Staff and Political Consultant - Karl Rove 

TV political commentator and Washington Examiner journalist - Salena Zito
Constitutional Law professor and radio host, Hugh Hewitt Show - Hugh Hewitt

Radio personality & producer of the Hugh Hewitt Show - Duane Patterson

Former Chief of Staff to VP and founder of Weekly Standard - Bill Kristol

TV Political Commentator and Editor of the Bulwark - Charlie Sykes

Political Consultant and TV commentator - Rick Wilson

Speaker and TV political analyst - Rick Tyler

U.S. Senator from Texas - Ted Cruz

U.S. Senator from Texas - John Cornyn 

U.S. Senator from Wisconsin - Ron Johnson

U.S. Senator from Missouri - Roy Blunt

Conductor and Houston Symphony Orchestra Musical Ambassador - Carlos Andres Botero

Trial lawyer and NBC/MSNBC legal contributor - Katie Phang

Political journalist and co-founder of Axios - Mike Allen

CNN political contributor & author of 'End of Discussion' - Mary Katharine Ham 

Navy veteran and talk show host - Montel Williams

TV political commentator - Matt Lewis 

Hall of Fame Football player and Sports commentator - Ray Lewis

Former NFL player and Radio Sports host - Seth Payne

Washington Post journalist, Host of PBS 'This Week' and TV commentator - Robert Costa

Fellow at Hoover Institute and TV political commentator - Lanhee Chen

Blogger & TV political commentator & Businesswoman - Michelle Malkin

Civil Rights leader - Alveda King 

Director UVA Center for Politics - Larry Sabato

Lawyer & poet & writer at The Catholic Conspiracy - Tom Zampino

Washington Post journalist and TV commentator - Karen Tumulty

White House Correspondent FNC - Kevin Corke

Radio and TV political commentator - Leslie Marshall

Radio Host and Washington Examiner columnist - Larry OConnor

The voice of the Houston Texans and Radio Host - Marc Vandermeer

UPDATE: and on April 18, 2020: I am proud to have just been followed by - 
Sylvester Turner - Mayor of Houston, TX

and one who I was really blessed to have follow me on twitter - who passed about 5 years ago was one of the greatest conductors of all time, Lorin Maazel.  He not only followed me on twitter, he actually sent me direct messages periodically, giving me ideas and corrections on my mostly classical music blog - Tales From a TribbleAnd believe me, I needed those corrections!  :-)                              

R.I.P. Maestro Maazel
The late legendary - Maestro Lorin Maazel
Yes, each of these famous people follow me on twitter - Am I blessed or what?   Thank you to all who follow me on twitter and thank you, twitter, for making it possible. 


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