Monday, October 21, 2019

A 19 Minute Rollercoaster of Emotions For Yankees and Astros Fans

In the exciting tense ALCS Game #6 between the Houston Astros and the New York Yankees with the Astros leading the series 3-2, there was an incredible 19 minute rollercoaster of emotions sequence that happened in the 9th inning for both Houston Astros and New York Yankees fans. 

Here is the scenario:  The Houston Astros were up 4-2 with one man out and one man on base and DJ LeMahieu facing the Astros closer, Roberto Osuna.  

NY Yankees First Baseman D.J. LeMahieu
First, let's think of the Yankees' fans emotions...the Yankees were two outs away from elimination.  The Yankees had been trailing the whole game.  Yankees fans had to be so down and almost devastated that there season was about to end.  Now let's think of the Astros fans emotions...and I can say this from personal experience because I am a big Astros fan.  We were so excited and thrilled, being up the whole game and only 2 outs from our second World Series in three years.  Just two more outs baby.     And then this happens to completely turn around the emotions of both teams' fans.

In just a split second the Astros' fans went from anticipation and excitement to devastation.  The World Series within grasp and this could turn into a devastating defeat.  The Yankees' fans went from being totally down and almost resignation to total exhiliration.  They could have turned what could have been elimination into a huge comeback win to force a game 7 where anything could happen. 

To show how the emotions of one fan could change so much - look at this one young ladies Astros' fan [who you know had to be thrilled before LeMahieu's Home Run] looked just before Jose Altuve did what he did. 

I guarantee you,  five seconds after the expression on her face is almost one of sadness will turn into a beaming exhilarating smile after she watches what Jose Altuve did just a couple of seconds later
Okay, a big change in emotions for both fans.  But it didn't end there.  Now with the Astros' fans being down and the Yankees' fans excited here is the situation exactly 19 minutes later. With two out in the bottom of the 9th and George Springer on first, Jose Altuve was up with a two ball one strike count.        

Jose Altuve - 2nd baseman for the Houston Astros
Then this happens to once again completely and totally change both team's fans emotions 180 degrees.

So, in exactly a 19 minute span, Astros' fans went from total excitement and anticipation, to devastation, and back to exhilaration.  What could have been one of the devastating losses in Astros history turned into one of the greatest moments in Astros history.  And the Yankees' fans went from resignation to exhilaration to devastation in just 19 minutes.  What could have been one of the great comebacks in the storied Yankees history turned in a split second to a devastating elimination defeat

Bravo, to both teams for an exciting American League Championship Series and Congratulations to the American League Champion and World Series bound Houston Astros!  

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