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Remember When James Lileks Hung Up On Hugh Hewitt?

This is a previous Tales post published first on Sept. 1, 2013: 

What Do James Lileks And Karen Finney Have In Common?:

James Lileks does it again.  A few weeks ago the Tales featured James Lileks brilliant extemporaneous BBQ skit with Hugh Hewitt [on the Hugh Hewitt radio show] in which he played [acted] Hugh's previous guest, congressman Lou Barletta, R-PA, when answering [or avoided answering] Hugh's questions. 

Karen Finney hangs up on Hugh Hewitt
This last Thursday night, August 29, 2013, on the Hugh Hewitt radio show, James Lileks played the part of MSNBC liberal Democrat political commentator, Karen Finney, who, the night before, was interviewed by Hugh Hewitt.  During the interview, Karen attacked Senator Ted Cruz, R-TX, comparing him [his tactics] to Senator Joe McCarthy [of the 1950's]. 

Karen didn't actually want to answer Hugh's questions as she kept wanting to talk and denounce Senator Ted Cruz, so she became very annoyed when Hugh asked her questions about the McCarthy hearings [since she was the one making the comparison of McCarthy and Cruz].   Hugh asked Karen if Alger Hiss was a Communist spy.  And he asked her, and asked her, and asked her again.  She would never answer, either because she didn't want to or because she had no clue who Alger Hiss was.  Karen got so frustrated on not being able to continue to bash Senator Cruz that she hung up on Hugh.

James Lileks hangs up on Hugh Hewitt
The very next night on the Hugh Hewitt show, James Lileks called into the show and played himself when answering seriously Hugh's initial questions regarding Syria and the Middle East.  Then Hugh asked James if he thought Alger Hiss was a communist spy.  James, quickly found a telephone booth and suddenly turned himself into Karen Finney. Not that there's anything wrong with that.  :-)

Playing the part of Karen Finney well, James Lileks would not answer Hugh's questions about Alger Hiss and abruptly hung up on Hugh [which sent Hugh into laughter].

The question posed by this post is 'what do James Lileks and Karen Finney have in common?'  The answer, of course, is that they both hung up on the great Hugh Hewitt.

Enjoy Karen Finney's hang up call of Hugh Hewitt, followed by James, "Karen Finney", Lileks, hang up call of Hugh Hewitt. [compliments of podcasts taken from The Hughniverse]

Karen Finney hanging up on Hugh Hewitt on August 28,2013:

James Lileks hanging up on Hugh Hewitt on August 29, 2013:

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