Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Happy Birthday To Two Great Americans!

On this Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2020, I say:

Happy Birthday, Sheralyn!
Sheralyn, the fetching Mrs. B., is my love, my life, my wife.  God has blessed me with such a wonderful wife, without who I would be lost in this world.  I did this tribute for her and Jermaine, the son we lost May 25, 2013: "Tribute to a special child. "Tribute To A Special Child"
On November 11, 1982 Sheralyn and I were blessed with our wonderful daughter, Ebony-then we were further blessed when Ebony married big John.

On December 11, 2015 Sheralyn and I were blessed as we were given the greatest gift of all from our daughter, Ebony, our sweet granddaughter, Skye Noelle. 

I love you , Sheralyn!  I don't know what I have done to deserve such a wonderful blessing. I often wonder to myself, what was she thinking about.  :-)  

Sheralyn with some guy

Happy Birthday, Duane! 
Big Duane Patterson
Duane Patterson, is the producer of the Hugh Hewitt radio show, that is, the way Hugh tells it, if he only had a producer.   "Duane Patterson's New Life Journey" is a tribute to this courageous Christian man battling and defeating cancer.  As I stated in the post, cancer picked the wrong dude to mess with.  There is no doubt in my mind that Duane, with prayers to God and the wisdom God gave to Duane's  wonderful doctors in Germany and in this country, will completely defeat this cancer and will for decades will be the producer of the Hugh Hewitt Show.  

UPDATE: From Sept. 23, 2017: More than 5 years later [now in 2019, 7 years later], Duane has finished his treatment and the latest test results from his recent PET CT scan shows that Duane is virtually cancer free!  Thank you, Lord. 

I believe it is okay to say that Duane is celebrating the big 54.  Oh, and if you are wondering what birthday my wife is you think I'm crazy?  :-) 

Duane and "his Joy" Chrissie Ann Patterson

So, these two great Americans don't just share the same birth date, but also a strong unwavering Christian faith who have battled the road blocks in life with a self reliant, strong willed fervor.  

Because of their courage, their faith, and their patriotism, both my wife Sheralyn and my friend, Duane Patterson, are truly heroes of mine.

On this 23rd of September, I wish my wife Sheralyn and my friend Duane Patterson a very Happy Birthday and many more!  Sheralyn and Duane, have a great blessed day on this, your day. 


Happy Birthday Sheralyn!

Happy Birthday Duane!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for loving me. My life is better every day because of you.

Happy Birthday to Duane and may each day be blessed.


Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday, Duane!!!


Joel said...

What a perfect song!! A great tribute to Sheralyn and Duane! Happy birthday to both.

Big Mike said...

Thanks Ila and Joel.

Love you Sheralyn!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize that they shared a birthday, but I'm known for not being able to keep dates straight.

Great job Michael.

Big Mike said...

Thanks anonymous. :-)

Big Mike said...

Love you Sheralyn!

Big Mike said...

Thank you Ila, thank you Joel!

Joel said...

What a heartfelt, inspired post for both Sheralyn and Duane! They are both lucky to have your support. Hope they have wonderful birthdays tomorrow!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Joel!!!

Unknown said...

If, heartfelt blessing to the two of you.

Joel said...

Happy birthday, Sheralyn! (Loved hearing you on the Aftershow!) May you have a wonderful day and be blessed in the coming year. Happy birthday, Duane! Thank you for all of your work as THE PRODUCER of the HHRS!!