Thursday, July 25, 2019

What Liberals Suddenly Believe And What Trump Conservatives Suddenly Dismiss

This is a repeat Tales post from about a year ago.

In the era of Trump [his run for president and now his presidency] long held conservative positions that liberals have dismissed in the past are suddenly being realized by those same liberal Democrats.  At the same time, "Trump conservatives" [i.e., long time conservative Republicans that now fervently support Donald Trump] now are dismissive of those things they once held dear for years.

Let us look at some examples of the following things that liberals are suddenly now discovering at the same time "Trump conservatives" have now forgotten and or no longer believe:

1. Character matters/counts.

2. Immigration is an important fabric of our country.

3. Families, and keeping families together is very important.

4. Free trade is good for the economic well being of our country and tariffs are bad for our country's economic well being.

5. The dividing our country [especially by race] by any politician for partisan politics is a bad thing for our country.

6. The deficit and debt of our nation needs to be brought down and controlled.

7. You can't negotiate with North Korea because their leader is not to be trusted and he is not a good person who "loves his people." 

8. John McCain is a hero. 

9. Words matter.

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