Thursday, December 3, 2020

Chopin Magic

Repeat post from a couple of years ago - Chopin Magic

Barry Manilow With Piano Magic
'Could it be magic', was the name of the pop song written by composer and singer Barry Manilow.  It was magic, as it's opening is taken directly from my favorite Romantic Era composer, Frederic Chopin. 

Frederic Chopin, the Polish composer and virtuoso pianist, was the quintessential Romantic composer.   There was so much beautiful piano music from Frederic Chopin in his too brief life, that I call him Mr. Piano.  We thank God for the time he did grant us with this wonderful composer of such beautiful romantic music.  

Frederic Chopin [1810 - 1849]
Manilow incorporates Chopin's Prelude #20 in C-minor in my favorite piece by the legendary pop star.  In showing how Manilow uses Chopin's theme, I am in no way denigrating Manilow.  

Barry Manilow was doing the same as classical music composers who 'borrowed' themes from their fellow masters as a sign of compliment and respect for those composers.  

Many of the great composers themselves, liking one of their own themes or musical ideas so much, would often use that same theme in more than one piece they composed. 

So, in the same way as I view classical composers borrowing and not stealing musical ideas, I see Manilow as not stealing from Chopin, but borrowing his theme as a way to honor and show admiration to the great Frederick Chopin in his piece.

Of course, Manilow borrows more than just the theme, he borrows the whole short piece [with the beginning at the beginning of his song and the ending at the close of his song].  It is truly magic-Chopin magic, that is!

Chopin: Op.28, No. 20 Prelude in C minor:

Barry Manilow: "Could it be Magic": 

As a special bonus to show more piano magic from Mr. Piano please turn up the volume, play in full screen, and enjoy his beautiful melodic Piano Concerto #1.

Frederick Chopin: Piano Concerto #1 in E-minor:


GoHskrs said...

Hugh will mock me mercilessly if he ever reads this comment, Michael, but that's probably my favorite Manilow song, precisely because of the way it incorporates the Chopin throughout the song.

Big Mike said...

Me too, Nebraska!! :-)

Unknown said...

I third both of you!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Killa Jilla! I wonder what MPT would think of this Manilow post....may have to bring out the heart paddles to revive him. :-)

Unknown said...

HA! you might need them for other/s besides MPT!

Big Mike said...

Good point, JW! In fact, we may be able to count on one hand the number of tribbles who we won't need them for. :-)

ConservativeLA said...

All good--a bit of voltage and a couple stints and I'm right as rain.

Big Mike said...

He's alive, he's alive!!!!

Unknown said...

MB agree re 1 hand...MPT you did meant stents I hope...stints & hearts don't go well together!

talkradio200 said...

Don't worry, Nebraska, Hugh doesn't read anything we write anyway. ;-) Glad to see that MPT is with us among the living. Great post, Michael, especially showing how Romantic music still influences music today.

Big Mike said...

Thanks brother Jack!!