Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Inspiring Valedictorian Speech - Not So Much

Some of the great inspiring speeches can be found during a high school or college graduation ceremony by the valedictorian.  Of course, not all are great speeches. But you will find few valedictorian speeches like the one given last week by this San Diego High School [San Ysidro High School] valedictorian, Nataly Buhr.  I didn't find it inspiring or appropriate, but some may disagree and feel Nataly did the right thing.  To me, this was too self centered centered in which she aired her personal grievances she had with the school and some of the teachers.  In my personal opinion, a valedictorian speech should be the time for a positive and inspiring moment, not the time for negativity and grievance giving.

San Ysidro High School Valedictorian, Nataly Buhr

From Winknews out of San Diego:  "A San Diego high school valedictorian went scorched-earth on school staff during her graduation speech earlier last week, airing her grievances against some faculty members in a highly public fashion. Her fiery remarks later went viral. Nataly Buhr, who attended San Ysidro High School, told CBS affiliate KFMB-TV Tuesday that she wanted to bring attention to what she felt was lack of support for students."

"Manuel Rubio, a spokesperson for Sweetwater Union High School District, told KfMB that he could not comment on specific allegations, but offered his take on the speech.
“It’s unfortunate that the words of a student like this are taking away from the positive,” Rubio said. “There are a lot of teachers working very hard for our students, it’s unfortunate that she decided to air grievances.”

To read the whole article please click here.  And thanks to Winknews for this video of her speech.  The speech starts out okay but then about 1:30 into it the sarcastic grievances start:

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