Wednesday, June 10, 2020

A Heart Warming Shout of 'Wow' At This Classical Concert

This is a great heart warming story from one year ago.

Hat Tip:  My twitter friend and classical music aficionado, Todd Domke who informed me of this CBS Sunday Morning segment on Sunday's show June 9, 2019.

From the web site Aleteia: The Incredible Story of the Boy Who Shouted Wow After Hearing Mozart:  "Ronan Mattin was a big hit at a recent concert in Boston’s Symphony Hall — but not for his musical talent. The 9-year-old concert-goer amazed crowds when at the end of a performance of Mozart’s Masonic Funeral Music — as the audience soaked in what they’d just heard — the youngster let out a spontaneous “wow!”  The way he so eloquently spoke what everybody thought led to laughter and a burst of applause."

"David Snead, the president and CEO of the Handel and Haydn Society, whose orchestra had performed that evening, was visibly touched.  He wrote an email in search of the young fan, saying: “It was one of the most wonderful moments I’ve experienced in the concert hall.

9 year old Ronan Mattin, the boy who wonderfully shouted, Wow!
Luckily, Ronan Mattin's grandfather, Steven Mattin, who took his grandson to that concert given by the Handel and Haydn's Society, learned of the Orchestra's search to find out who was the owner of the wonderful voiced who shouted Wow! at the end of the Mozart piece.  He contacted the orchestra, and told them that Ronan is autistic and is usually non verbal when it comes to expressing emotions:  "I can count on one hand the number of times that [he’s] spontaneously ever come out with some expression of how he’s feeling,” explained Ronan's grandfather.

What the orchestra did for Ronan is shown in this heart warming video by CBS Sunday Morning.  Please watch and get ready to have a smile on your face!

CBS Sunday Morning Show: June 9, 2019: on boy who shouted Wow! at this Classical Concert:

Thank you, CBS Sunday Morning Show and thank you, David Snead, the president and CEO of the Handel and Haydn Society, and your wonderful orchestra for giving us this heart warming story, and giving such a wonderful gesture to 9 year old Ronan Mattin.   God Bless Ronan and his family and God Bless you.

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