Monday, May 20, 2019

Best Commencement Address 'Announcement' Ever?

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Wow, was there a wonderful surprise for the graduates of Moorehouse College this weekend.  The commencement speaker was  billionaire philanthropist, Robert Frederick Smith.  From Wikipedia: " In 2017, Smith was named by Forbes as one of the 100 greatest living business minds.  In a 2018 cover story, Forbes declared Smith the wealthiest African-American, surpassing Oprah Winfrey."

This from Eun Kyung Kim on NBC Today:  "Philanthropist Robert Smith took the podium at Morehouse College’s commencement ceremony to accept an honorary doctorate, but the billionaire investor surprised everyone during his speech when he bestowed his own gift to the class of 2019.  Smith said he would pay off the student loans of the roughly 400 graduates."

Robert F. Smith -philanthropist- born Dec. 1, 1962 in Denver, CO
The only stipulation that Smith gave to the graduates, "... is that each student pay it forward.  "Let's make sure every class has the same opportunity going forward because we are enough to take care of our own community," he told students. "We are enough to ensure we have all the opportunities of the American Dream, and we will show it to each other through our actions and through our words and through our deeds."

To read the whole article from Eun Kyung Kim, click here.

In Yiddish there is a word for a good man of integrity and honor who does good deeds. That word is mensch.  Mr. Robert Frederick Smith, you are a mensch!   

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