Friday, April 23, 2021

Happy Birthday Sergei Prokofiev

Today, Friday, April 23, is the birthday of the great early 20th century Russian [Soviet at the time] composer, pianist and conductor, Sergei Prokofiev.  Prokofiev was born April 23, 1891 in Sontsivka, Ukraine and died March 5, 1953 in Moscow.

Sergei Prokofiev [1891 - 1953]
Prokofiev, one of the great composers of the 20th century, was also a very good chess player.  He was a prolific composer of many genres, symphonies, piano concertos, ballets, and movie scores. One of his famous pieces written to introduce children to the instruments of a symphony orchestra was the famous, "Peter and the Wolf".  While much of his music may not have had the beautiful melodies of the early Romantic composers, and indeed contained purposeful dissonant sound, his music was always great, interesting, and at times, mesmerizing.

Prokofiev shares a birthday with the great English poet and playwright, William Shakespeare.  Ironically as Prokofiev was a great admirer of "the Bard", he composed the ballet "Romeo and Juliet", based on Shakespeare's play. 

Let us honor the birthday of Sergei Prokofiev with some examples of his wonderful music.  Please turn up the volume and enjoy!

S. Prokofiev:  Piano Concerto #1 in D Flat Major:

S. Prokofiev: Suite No. 2 from Romeo and Juliet, "Montagues and Capulets"

S. Prokofiev: Symphony #1 in D Major, Classical, Movement 4, Molto vivace:

S. Prokofiev: Symphony #5 in B-flat Major, Movement 4, Allegro Giocoso:

S. Prokofiev: "Peter and the Wolf":

Happy 130th Birthday Sergei Prokofiev!

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