Sunday, April 12, 2020

A Classical Music Happy and Blessed Easter!

On this Tales Classical Music Weekend, the Tales wishes all the Christian readers of the Tales, and all Christians around the world a blessed and a Happy Easter!

To all Christians the Tales wishes a glorious Easter 
From the BBC Classical Music Website, two of the best classical music pieces to be played on the Holy Week of Easter they name [among 6] are Johann Sebastian Bach's "St. Matthews Passion"; and Gustav Mahler's "Resurrection, Symphony #2". 

From the website about J.S. Bach's piece:  "The St Matthew Passion is a masterpiece that many people know well, but few tire of hearing. One of only two JS Bach passion settings still in existence (the St John is the only other to have survived), the piece was originally performed in Leipzig on Good Friday 1727, although the score as we know it dates from 1743-6.  The work’s two halves were originally intended to be sung on either side of the Good Friday sermon."

The website notes:
 "Mahler’s second symphony makes for great Passion-tide listening. The journey from the tension of the first movements to the resolution of the finale mirrors Easter’s themes of destruction and redemption - hence the unofficial 'resurrection' title". ... "Halfway through the final movement, the choir comes in with the words: ‘Rise again! Yes, rise again will you, my dust, after a short rest!’"

J.S. Bach:  St. Matthews Passion, Final Chorus, performed by Malmo Chamber Chorus and Orchestra:

Gustav Mahler: Symphony #2 in C-minor, "The Resurrection", Movement 5 (part 2-finale), from the BBC Proms 2011, Gustavo Dudamel leads the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela:

Rise Up!  Dance Your Shoes Off! - From Second Baptist Church, Houston, TX:

To all Christians I wish a Blessed and a Happy Easter!


Bedfordguy said...

I so enjoy your music blogs whenever they appear. Thanks big Mike, and keep it up!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Bedford Guy! It's all classical music every weekend on the Tales. It's politics free weekends on The Tales.

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