Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Georgie Hustle

As we are about to begin another great season of America's national pastime in 2019 [where, by the way, the Houston Astros are predicted to win more games than any other team in MLB] let's take a look back 5 years ago when the Houston Astros were not a very good baseball team.  But, as the Tales predicted, the young players coming up were indicative of great things to come.  Check out this post about one of those young players I predicted back then would become a great player.

George Springer holding 2017 World Series MVP Award

Georgie Hustle - April 21, 2014

Let me be frank.  The Houston Astros are a bad major league baseball team [sorry for the dichotomy].  The three previous years the Astros have been the worst team in baseball losing over 100 games each year [they lost 111 in 2013].   This year is early but there does not seem to be much improvement with the team.  Getting off to another bad start, the Houston Astros brought up from the minor leagues a highly touted prospect with a real potential to be a great player, outfielder George Springer. 

With the Astros on there way to their 7th straight loss and being swept by the Oakland A's, George Springer came up in the 8th inning and the team down 4-1.  He hit a lazy pop up on the infield.  What happened next you do not see often with major league baseball players.  Most of the time, even in a meaningful game, when a player hits a pop up on the infield they will trot down to first base, going just fast enough to beat it out in case the one in a hundred chance that the infielder will drop the ball.  Every once in a while, when that unusual time happens and the infielder drops the ball, you see a hitter who has not even close to hustled to first base, then have to sprint to first base so as not to be embarrassed [and probably fined by the manager]. 

So, watch this play as Springer hits a lazy pop up on the infield but is dropped by shortstop Lowrie of the Oakland A's. 

As you saw, Springer didn't just jog, but he ran to first and then second base as if he had hit a line drive in the gap.  So, when Lowrie dropped the ball Springer easily made it into second base with no throw.  That is hustle you don't see from every major league baseball player.  In fact, I wonder how many MLB players would have made it to second base on a play like that?  That is the type of hustle you saw from someone like Pete Rose of the Cincinnati Reds.  That is why he was called Charlie hustle and thus, why I named this post Georgie hustle. 

Here is another play in this same game of George Springer making a diving catch. 

The Astros went on to lose this game, and probably at the end of this year they will be called losers again, but George Springer is no loser.   I predict a great career for Georgie hustle!

Update: March 2019:  George Springer has become a great player for the Houston Astros.  He was one of the main cogs leading the Astros to the World Series in 2017 where, by the way, he won the MVP of the World Series, as the Astros won the World Championship over the Dodgers, 4 games to 3. 

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