Friday, January 4, 2019

POTUS May Have Trouble Proving He's Not Spam

If you are like me, it is very annoying when you are getting ready to post something in a comment section on a blog post or web site, and you are made to prove your are not spam by clicking the boxes of pics they ask you to click.  Sometimes they are very hard to do-you are not sure if you should click a picture or not.

So, maybe I should give the POTUS some slack if he is asked to get by the following spam test.  I might even have trouble with this one...well, not so much.

Here is is:  To prove you are the real Donald Trump and not spam, click on all the following pictures that contain a wall:

Hint: What would Mexico pay for?

Sorry, you didn't quite get it.  Let's try some more pics---We will give you an easier one to prove you are really Donald Trump and not spam:

Click on the pic/s of anyone who was involved in the JFK assassination:
Lee Harvey Oswald
Rafael Cruz - Father of Ted Cruz
Close, but no cigar.  Unfortunately, you have used up your attempts to prove you are not spam for today.  Please try again in 24 hours, Donald Trump....If you really are Donald Trump.

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