Monday, January 14, 2019

Hey Mister James Harden Make A Three For Me

James Harden, guard for the Houston Rockets, is on an incredible scoring spree having his 30 point streak now at 16 games, tying Kobe Bryant for the longest streak since the NBA/ABA merger.  The reigning MVP is doing all he can to repeat his most valuable title as he is leading the NBA in scoring averaging 34.1 points per game blowing away his closest competitor by more than 5 points per game.  Harden also is number 5 in assists.

MVP James Harden #13 guard for the Houston Rockets
Here is a tribute the Tales staff, [i.e., me], made for the great future Hall of Famer of the NBA, James Harden.  I wish I could blame the "singing" voice on someone else but I must take full responsibility, with all due respect to The Byrds and Bob Dylan....well, at least to the Byrds.  :-)

For best viewing-play in full screen...and uh, for best listening, turn down the volume. 

Hey Mr. James Harden Make A Three For Me:

Remember Rockets''s the thought that counts!


Anonymous said...

You're a brave man, Michael, and a mensch!
Love it.

Big Mike said...

Thanks big Dave!!