Tuesday, September 15, 2020

No Clock Makes Baseball My Favorite Sport

This post was first published in March of 2019.
I love almost all sporting events and all the major sports in the USA: baseball, basketball, football and hockey, but my favorite of all is Major League Baseball. 

Major League Baseball

I got to thinking why that is and I believe one major reason is that there is no time limit in baseball - no clock.  How many times in the other major sports say about their team in a losing effort, if we only had a couple of more minutes we would have won the game.  In baseball, the game isn't over until the last out which means no lead is insurmountable as long as there are more outs to go.  How many times in the other sports does the game end [and sometimes the last few plays], with no athletic move by either team.  For example, in the NFL most of the games end with the QB kneeling one or more times just to make the clock run out...and the defending team just basically stands there.  Same in the NBA as the leading team in most of the games just dribble out the clock with no attempt to score and the losing team just stand there, sometimes beginning to shake hands with the winning team.  And at the end of the games in the NHL, NBA and NFL when the games end the teams will be out there smiling with each other shaking hands-"good game".  There is nothing wrong with that but you will never see that in baseball.

In Major League Baseball because there is no clock, the game will always end on an athletic play, with both teams playing the same way they have the whole game...the team in the field will try and pitch and get the batter out, and the batter will try to get a hit. And when the game is over the winning team will be happy hugging their own teammates as the losing team just leaves sadly going into the dressing room. The game never ends until either the 27th out is made or a walk off run by the home team. 

Watch how this regular major league baseball season game ends and the excitement you can get without a clock clicking down the final anti-climatic ending in the other sports as everyone knew how the game would end before it was over.  Keep in mind, this video is not of a playoff game, not a World Series game, this is just a regular season game early in the season.  Yes, in other sports you are very happy when your team wins and sad when they lose, but to me, you just don't see the same kind of excitement in a regular season game you can find in so many Major League Baseball games.  

Astros vs. Tampa Bay regular season game in 2018:

Look at the excitement from a regular season game...one out of 162...and that same excitement would be by any team on a walk off hit, no matter how bad a record that team has.  And the players are jumping up and down in excitement like little kids. How great is that.  You just don't see that in the other sports except on the rare buzzer beater in the NBA-and it is rare because of the clock.  Most of the time in the other sports the game is over, long before the game is over.  In baseball, the game isn't over until the game is over--Hmm, I'm thinking another Yogi Berra truism. :-) 


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