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Duane Patterson's New Life Journey [Dec. 13, 2018- UPDATE]

Update: Dec. 13, 2018: On August 29, 2017 [check update from below], Duane Patterson, the producer of the Hugh Hewitt Show, had his first PET CT Scan of his cancer which showed that it was the cancer that was dying, not Duane.  Then on December 13, 2017, another scan showed that the cancer that once was in his body was kaput, done, not to be seen.  Well tonight, Duane Patterson on his Hughniverse live Aftershow, gave us another good news update on his PET CT Scan he just had this [Thursday] morning.  Rather than me tell you what he said and mess it all up, I will let you hear his update from the Aftershow in the following video.  Also, when Duane says it in his own words, trust me, it is a special way that only Duane can do, that I'm sure you will enjoy.   Spoiler Alert:  It's great news!! 

Duane Patterson Aftershow clip on the Hughniverse [which I hope you will subscribe to so you can hear everything live yourself, or hear any of the podcasts], December 13, 2018:

Thank you Lord!
Update: Dec. 14, 2017: Today, Thursday, is a big day for Duane Patterson as he is totally winning in his battle defeating cancer as it will be the year end test results that we are prayerful will show the cancer is basically gone from his body.  Instead of me messing up what this will mean and how great it could [will] be, here is Duane in his own words from his Aftershow on the Hughniverse from last night Dec. 13, 2017 that he gave at the beginning of his show.

Beginning of Duane Patterson Aftershow on the Hughniverse, Dec. 13, 2017:

I am doing this short update so we can all pray that Duane gets the greatest Christmas present of all in a great test result showing he is cancer free and nearing the crucial stage where if he can remain so, his battle over cancer will be basically complete-no contest-Duane will be declared the champion in a total knockout of the evil cancer. 

As soon as Duane releases the results I will update.  Now let's all pray today for the great test results!

Update of the update 3:00pm Dec. 14, 2017:  Duane Patterson just tweeted this and posted on Facebook:

"Today was a big day for me on the cancer front. It's come back twice a year after I thought I beat it. Today was the scan in that time frame. What's left of original lymph node is shrinking, and there is 0 detectable energy from it. Totally inert, total remission. Thank God."

Woo hoo!  Thank you, Lord! 
Update: Dec. 6, 2017: This is a short but great update on Duane Patterson's defeating the hell out of his cancer [which began almost 5 1/2 years ago--scroll down to the original post for details].  Many of us were in the Hughniverse Aftershow chat room on Wednesday night 7-8:30pm CT, where Duane talks about the news items of the day-in a unique humorous way that only Duane, the generalissimo, can.  He opened up the show saying he would have to miss Thursday's show because he would be going to the doctor for a procedure.  Now, this is the good news we were all hoping for.  The procedure would be the "port removal" that was used for his chemo treatments to defeat cancer.  Well, guess what folks. The doctors have told him he doesn't need the port anymore because he doesn't need any more chemo treatments as the cancer is basically, out of his body, kaput, no mas, dead, squashed like a stepped on roach. [those were my descriptions not Duane's] 

We still of course have to keep up with our prayers, as with cancer there are always future tests to make sure the cancer has remained dead,  but can we say as of now Duane Patterson is cancer free.  Thank you Lord! 

Small clip of Duane Patterson Aftershow on the Hughniverse, Dec. 6, 2017:

Hoping Duane doesn't have too much trouble with the traffic or the fires and makes it to his appointment stress free and has a successful quick pain free port removal tomorrow, Thursday.  Love these updates by the generalissimo, especially good news ones like this!
Update: August 29, 2017: It was in the late afternoon when I looked up in the Houston sky and said, Thank you, God; here comes the sun!  It was less than 5 minutes later when I said Thank you, God again, as I saw this post from Duane Patterson on Facebook talking about the results of the PET CT scan.  I would put this thanks to God ahead of the sun we just saw in Houston as we have waited this long so a little longer wouldn't matter.

So, this short but wonderful "Duane Patterson's New Life Journey" update, given by Duane Patterson himself, on Facebook:  

Duane Patterson - winning again - cancer losing again
"Good news on the cancer front - 1st post-radiation PET CT scan this AM. Tumor, or what's left of it, is still dead...or terminally sleepy."

Update: August 10, 2017:  It was five years ago, yesterday, on August 9, 2012 when the Tales originally published "Duane Patterson's New Life Journey" and announced this heart wrenching medical diagnosis given to Duane Patterson, the producer of the Hugh Hewitt show:  "Recently, after a tonsillectomy, Duane was diagnosed with  basaloid squamous cell carcinoma in his left tonsil."  Please scroll down to read the original post.

This courageous Christian man has done everything in his power since then, including a couple of trips to Germany for medical treatments and many rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, to defeat this evil disease and Duane is being victorious, alive, strong and doing well more than 5 years later.  God Bless Duane and his wife Traci.  He has gone through a lot, I say courageously so, and has been blessed to have Traci by his side all the way. I predicted from the beginning that cancer has messed with the wrong man, and this is one time I am really glad that I can say, 'I told you so'.

I thank all of you who have prayed for Duane, and be thankful to God that he has heard our prayers and has given Duane the strength and the doctors who have treated him the wisdom to help remove the cancer from his body.  Please continue to pray that future tests will show that Duane is cancer free and in the process of regaining full health. 

More than 5 years big Duane - here is to 50 years more and at least one Angels World Series Championship for you - well, at least one until after the Houston Astros get their first.   😃

Update: May 18, 2017:  On the verge of victory:  If you scroll down to the original post, you will realize that it has been almost 5 years ago when the good Duane Patterson [Hugh Hewitt's radio producer] was diagnosed with basaloid squamous cell carcinoma in his left tonsil.  This courageous man has gone thru so many different treatments, and repeat of those treatments, and many rounds of chemo and recently many rounds of radiation treatments, and finally, finally Duane can see the light at the end of the tunnel as he has completed his final chemo treatment on Tuesday May 16, 2017 and is down to his final 3 radiation treatments that should conclude next week.  And thank God, it looks like all of those treatments are taking their toll on the evil cancer, and Duane Patterson is on the verge of victory over cancer.  It will take some testing in the next 9 months but if all goes well with the test results, please God, Duane will be the victor and cancer will be the loser.  

Please listen to Duane Patterson in his own words on his "Aftershow" in the Hughniverse, last night on Wednesday, May 17, 2017.  I will only play the 2 minutes of his health update in this great Aftershow...and for those who wish they could hear the rest of the usual hour and a half show, join the Hughniverse and you can listen to it on podcast and then if you wish listen to his Aftershow live [from about 7-8:30 pm CT].

Duane Patterson, Wed. May 17, 2017 - beginning of "Aftershow" on the Hughniverse:

Now, as the treatments are coming to an end, is the time to pray hard for big Duane and the medical team to help knock out the cancer once and for all, and to pray for a complete healthy, cancer free recovery for "generalissimo".  

Thank you and God Bless. 
Update: April 7, 2017:  On the previous good news update, March 11, 2017, Duane informed us he would soon be going into his final [hopefully] stage of getting rid of his cancer, once and for all. Well he is now in that stage as he is doing his radiation treatments. On his Aftershow on the Hughniverse on Wednesday night April 5, 2017, Duane told us he just had one of his radiation treatments that day.  Duane sounded good and looked great and he told us, knock on wood, so far no bad after effects [except for the taste of food] and that the only thing that is really hurting is whatever is left of the cancer that is being kicked the hell out of his body with the treatments.

As usual I ask for everyone for their continued prayers as, I believe, the courageous Duane Patterson is closer than ever to total victory over the evil cancer.  Sorry cancer-you are about to have a humiliating defeat-and Duane is about to have a glorious victory with his "new life journey" [that started about 5 years ago] continuing for many decades-but then it will be cancer free!  When that happens I am sure Duane and all friends of Duane will be saying, thank you Lord!

Thanks once again everyone and if you are able, please make a small [or large] donation to Kick Duane's Cancer.  Blessings to Duane Patterson and his family and to all!

Update: March 11, 2017:  Hat/tip to my tribble friend Stephen @servative who informed me of this good news update from the Friday night Aftershow on the Hughniverse.  

Duane Patterson aka generalissimo posted this great news update on his cancer treatment and health in the chat room, Friday March 10, 2017:
generalissimo:  "Want a cancer update?  The scan yesterday showed two things, both good news.  The lump is now down to 1 cm in size--it was 2 cm last time, so it shrunk yet again.  Look at a ruler. 1 cm is pretty small.   but that's not the good news.

Before I started chemo again, the uptake was 16, which means it was robust, hungry and growing.  After two rounds of chemo, it was down to 6, which is still active enough they wanted the two more rounds of chemo, which i just concluded last week.

Now?  The uptake is 1.9----why that is significant is because they don't even call it cancerous activity until it gets to 2.5.
So it's not dead dead, but it's dead coma, which is just where they want it to begin radiation. that will probably happen either late next week or the following week.; but anyway, the news is all good. 1 cm and 1.9 uptake is mop up work for radiation. cancer goes away then, virus allegedly goes away then, and i'm done with this excrement for good."

Thanks to everyone for all their prayers for Duane Patterson in his battle defeating cancer and once again, if it is possible please make a small [or large :-)] donation to Kick Duane's Cancer.  

Thanks everyone!
Update: Dec. 2, 2016:  Duane Patterson is doing well, looking and sounding great, but unfortunately during this Christmas season he will have to start another round [approximately 6 weeks] of chemo treatment, trying once and for all to kick this evil cancer out of his body.  Hugh Hewitt announced that this morning, Friday Dec. 2, 2016 on his radio show.  So, I am asking once again for all you prayer warriors to come out in force as this great Christian goes through his treatment.  I am also asking, if you can, to help Duane in this expensive treatment by making a donation to Kick Duane's Cancer.

Here is Hugh and Duane talking about this new round of chemo starting during the Christmas season-Dec. 2, 2016: Hugh Hewitt Show:

Praying for you big Duane!

Thank you everyone and God Bless!
Update: May 24, 2016:  Thank all of you for your prayers for Hugh Hewitt's radio producer, Duane Patterson, in his battle defeating cancer, and those prayers seem to be helping as Duane is doing well and looking well as today he begins round 2 in his chemotherapy treatment.

This from Duane Patterson on May 23, 2016 to the tribbles group on Face Book regarding his progress:  

"Traci Patterson [Duane's wife] measured me the night before round one, which was three weeks ago, and just the surface area we could measure, the tip of the proverbial iceberg, was 11 by 7.5 cm. That's 82.5 square cm in surface area.  Tonight, the night before round two, it measured 6 5/8 by 6, or 39.75 square cm. that's a smidge over a 51% drop in surface area for round one. No reason to believe Round Two won't result in similar numbers, which means it could basically eradicate it, leaving mop up, which we have all sorts of conventional and un-conventional plans for this time that weren't available even a couple of years ago."

"Now we have no way to gauge what the depth is now without doing another scan and comparing it to pre-chemo scans. But theoretically, yes, i like that word a lot, theoretically, if the tumor has shrunk in a similar proportion, if you now figure volume, or length, width and depth, we should we well over 50% in total reduction in size, or well on our way to the goal."

Yeah, Duane!  No way of knowing, but I believe in the power of prayer and I believe the prayer from all of you for Duane and Traci and the family is helping Duane to defeat this cancer.  So, as he begins round 2, let us continue with increased strong prayer for Duane Patterson and his wife Traci and all of his family.

Also, if you are able to help Duane and his family with a donation of any amount, to help defray the costs in what it is taking to treat and defeat this cancer, please click here:

Duane and Traci Patterson
Kick Duane's Cancer - Please donate to help Generalissimo's [aka Duane Patterson, Hugh Hewitt's radio producer] battle with cancer:
Kick My

Thank you and God Bless!
Update: May 4, 2016:  This update thanks to my tribble friend and a good friend of Duane Patterson, Cathy York from Colorado.  Here is an important message she wrote on her Face Book page:

"Duane Patterson is a good on-line friend to many, and some of us have had the privilege of meeting and interacting with him in person. He has been Hugh Hewitt's senior producer for the entire life of Hugh's radio show, and has saved Hugh's bacon more times than anybody but he, Hugh, and other long-time show staffers are aware. He has also been battling cancer for a few years, getting it into remission twice. He's still pursuing non-traditional treatment, but in this go-round is pairing it with some very cutting-edge conventional treatment that offers good promise of finally killing off this beast that's been dogging him for much too long, while minimizing the collateral damage that would severely impact both his radio career and his beloved Little League umpiring.
Duane shared with us in our chat room tonight that he's had a couple months of pretty steep out-of-pocket expenses associated with his treatment, and, when I asked him directly, said that his on-line fund could use some good hits. Please consider sending what you can his way."

Duane and Traci Patterson
Kick Duane's Cancer - Please donate to help Generalissimo's [aka Duane Patterson, Hugh Hewitt's radio producer] battle with cancer:
Kick My

Also prayer warriors, please keep those prayers for Duane and Traci coming!  Thank you and God Bless!
Update: March 11, 2016:  A Hat/Tip to my tribble friend Colleen Grimson who informed me of this Duane Patterson update of his battle defeating cancer in the Hughniverse chat room, on the March 11, 2016 Hugh Hewitt Aftershow.

If you remember in the last update Duane Patterson, a.k.a. generalissimo, a.k.a. Hugh Hewitt's radio producer, had successful surgery which removed about 50% of his cancer.  About two and half weeks ago Duane began this specialized treatment to remove the remaining 50% of his cancer.  When you listen to Duane in his own words you will hear that this is going very well and it was a very encouraging update to me.  Thank you Lord!  This good man is well on his way, God willing, to being cancer free.  

The other voice you hear on this playback of the Aftershow segment is Duane's good friend, humorist James Lileks.  After the medical update of Duane's condition, I let the audio run a couple of extra minutes to give you a bonus of the humor that goes on between Duane and James on the Aftershow.  You will hear James Lileks manage to throw in a reference to the "Frere Jacques" in minor key funeral theme of the 3rd movement of Mahler's Symphony #1. Tell me when you've heard that before. :-)

Without further ado, listen to Duane Patterson giving an update of the treatment to remove the remaining 50% of his cancer on the March 11, 2016 Hugh Hewitt Aftershow in the Hughniverse

Update:  Feb. 24, 2016:  On Tuesday night in the "Hughniverse" Aftershow hosted by Hugh Hewitt's radio producer, Duane Patterson, Duane at the end of the show gave his own update status of the surgery that he had on Feb. 18 [check update below] and how he is doing now.  

Rather than me tell you how he is doing [and probably messing it up] I will let Duane tell you in his own words from this podcast of the Tuesday Aftershow in the Hughniverse.  I will just say it is amazing how in just a few days after such a major surgery Duane was back on the air, looking great and sounding great. Duane's update was very encouraging. 

Duane Patterson giving update of his health on Feb. 23, 2016 on the Hugh Hewitt Aftershow in the Hughniverse:

As the courageous Duane Patterson is about to go into his phase 3 of knocking out the rest of his cancer and, with God's will, becoming cancer free, I request everyone's prayers. 
Update:  Feb. 18, 2016:  This update is a request for renewed prayers today and the next days that follow for Duane Patterson [Hugh Hewitt's radio producer] and the surgeons who are performing the surgery today.  

This Face Book posting is from Duane's beloved wife, Traci Patterson:   

"Traci Patterson  So, Mr. Patterson... aka Gruncle... aka Generalissimo is having a second surgery today for his cancer. This is to remove as much of the tumor on the left side of his neck as is possible. It is more invasive than we thought, so I ask for your prayers today. God Speed"

Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers for Duane, the doctors, Traci and the entire Patterson family.
Update after the surgery yesterday afternoon from Traci:  "Traci Patterson Duane is in recovery and doing well. They were able to get aprox 50% of the Cancer.  Thank you for your prayers."

That means more prayers are needed for the next phase of work to get out the other 50%.  Blessings to Duane and Traci, and to all the prayer warriors out there to keep up the good work. 
Update: Jan. 20, 2016:  This will be a short update and a very positive update.  As you know from the last update a couple of days ago, Duane Patterson was in surgery on Jan. 18th for a mass in his chest.  It turned out to Thymoma in which they needed to remove it.  Well the surgery went well, and as I heard from the Hugh Hewitt radio show, Hugh say that Duane was back home already, resting and doing well. Wow!  Then there was even more encouraging news from Duane's post in Caring Bridge I hope you all will read.  Here is just an excerpt from Duane's post: 

"Regardless, the mass was encapsulated, meaning they got it all, and they took the thymus glad out once they confirmed what it was, and the chance of recurrence there, while never can be 0%, is pretty close to 0%. No follow treatment, meaning chemo and/or radiation, is recommended even with western medicine. Virtually all the time, little tumors like this are removed, the cause of them is removed, end of story. Now that hopefully that chapter is over, that means I've been downgraded to a stage two patient, and next up is the neck. That also could very well be encapsulated, and the next step there is to remove it."

I was so, so encouraged and happy about this update.  Please everyone read from Duane's CaringBridge page his lastest post Thymoma, It's Not One of the Judds.    Thank you all for your prayers God Bless and continued prayers for Duane and his family. 

Update of this update:  On Thursday's Aftershow in the Hughniverse chat room, amazingly Duane was back hosting the aftershow and sounding great.  At the end of the Aftershow, he gave a brief update of his condition following the surgery, which you can read about in his CaringBridge page that I linked above and hope you will go to.  Duane summed it up that he went into the surgery's with 2 cancers [he didn't realize he had], and when they removed the lump from his chest by removing the thymus gland, that removed the cancer there and now he only has one cancer.  Also, he thought he was a stage 4 cancer patient, and he now is only a stage 2 cancer.  Duane laughed that he is glad to take the demotion.  He said he was doing great with a little soreness and he recovered well from when they had to deflate a lung and now it is back to normal.  Duane said the only real bad experience he had at the hospital was when they had to remove the catheter.  The way he described that is funny as hell so I hope you will go to the Hughniverse page and become a subscriber and listen to the podcast of the Aftershow from Thursday, Jan. 21, 2016.

If you are able, donations at Kick Duane's cancer can be given here.

Was it fantastic to hear this good man back!  Keep up the prayers, prayer warriors.

Update: Jan. 18, 2016:  On the Hughniverse "Aftershow" on Friday Jan. 15, 2016 Duane Patterson gave an update of his battle against cancer with a surgical procedure he will be be having today, Monday January 18 at noon that I will let him describe himself in the following video.  * please see update after surgery below

As you will hear Duane say this may, and probably is not even related to his throat cancer.  Of course, as always I ask for your prayers especially for Duane and the surgeons and for Duane's wife, Traci and for the whole family.

Note:  The first voice you will hear is that of Duane's friend and friend of the Hugh Hewitt Show, James Lileks. 

Duane Patterson update on The Hugh Hewitt Aftershow on The Hughniverse, Jan. 15, 2016:

For those of you reading this for the first time, please scroll down for an understanding of the cancer Duane is battling and for all of the updates so you will have an understanding of the prayers needed for this good man and his family.   Thank you. 

* Update-from Duane's friend Colleen Grimson after surgery late at night [from Face Book]:  "New update from Duane's wife [Traci] about an hour ago: Spoke with surgeon. Duane is doing well. It was a Thymoma (rare form of cancer related to Thymus). Thus they also removed his Thymus."

Prayer warriors need to continue with your prayers for Duane and family-Thanks! _________________________________
Update: Sept. 8, 2015:  For those of you who have been following Duane Patterson in his battle against cancer on CaringBridge or from reading this post, you know that Duane, for the last 6 weeks, has been back in Germany for treatment once again in his battle against his cancer.  In great news, Duane and his wife Traci are now back home in So Cal from what looks like and hopefully was a successful treatment.  Seeing Duane on the Hughniverse Aftershow, he looked good and sounded great.  Duane said that he is cautiously optimistic, which made a lot of us feel good as the prayers continue.  In great news, Duane is about to celebrate [Tuesday night] with his son on his son's 25th birthday. 

I am asking all of you for continued prayers for Duane and if it is possible, contribute to his Kick Duane's Cancer here.   Thanks! 

As in my last post, I want you to hear Duane in his own words [that he gave on Tuesday's Hugh Hewitt Aftershow that he hosts], of his medical update.  To me, this was a very hopeful update, and it is truly riveting radio.  

Duane Patterson medical update after his treatment in Germany given on his After Show on Sept. 8, 2015:

Okay, all you prayer warriors, let's unite and come out in force to help Duane beat this cancer with our continuing prayers for big Duane.   God Bless, Duane!
Update: Aug. 4, 2015:  Duane is starting up his journal again on the Caring Bridge web site that you can follow here.

And for those who are able and wish to help Duane and Traci with some of the expenses that are involved in his travel to Germany and the medical treatment in beating this cancer, please click kick my cancer here

If this is your first time reading this post, please watch and listen to the video on the July 30, 2015 update of Duane in his own words.    Thank you and God Bless. 
UPDATE: July 30, 2015:  In Yiddish, there is a word mensch, which means a person of integrity and honor who does good deeds [for others].  Duane Patterson is a mensch and I am asking for continued and renewed prayers for this good man in his continuing battle against cancer.  I have an update, as Duane Patterson gave an update of his condition and what it means [the future actions he will take] on what is known as the After Show [to the Hugh Hewitt radio show] in the Hughniverse on July 27, 2015.  

Rather than me making any comment on Duane's update, I think it is important to let you hear Duane give it in his own words.

Duane Patterson Giving An Update Of His Battle With Cancer:

Update: July 21, 2014: It was on this week two years ago that the radio producer of the Hugh Hewitt show, Duane Patterson, was given the scary heart wrenching news that he had a Basaloid Squamous Cell Carcinoma in his left Tonsil.

Duane Patterson and Ila Lynch - Profiles in courage
Well two years later Duane Patterson, after much alternative treatment, good doctors, a lot of faith, and blessings from God, is doing well.  He is beating cancer.  I think I am correct in saying that this evil cancer has been no match up against this unyielding courageous man.   

As I said in my post, Profile in Courage, I consider all those battling cancer, never giving up and living their lives, heroes in my eyes.  I do the same for Duane Patterson.  

May the good Lord continue to bless the good man, Duane Patterson, for decades to come.  

I hope you will all go to this Caring Bridge web site [back to the beginning, two years ago] to read the posts there and follow Duane Patterson, as he went on [what I called-not Duane's words] his new life journey. 
Update: April 21, 2014:  Some awesome news received from a tweet by Duane Patterson, @radioblogger that he sent on holy Easter day.  Thank you dear Lord for your awesome blessings to an awesome good man.  A true gentleman, Duane Patterson.

Duane Patterson ‏@Radioblogger 24h
What a difference a year makes. 2013 - cancer, broken wife. This year, healthy, healthy wife, and Jackson.
Sweet Grandbaby Jackson

This is a repeat post from 8/09/2012 on the producer of the Hugh Hewitt radio show, Duane Patterson. 

I am repeating this post from almost a year ago, in hopes that you will continue to follow Duane Patterson's journal here and continue with your prayers for this good Christian man.   What a courageous man this is, his courage I believe coming from his unyielding faith in an awesome God.  He has just put out a new journal post with an update of his condition that contained some upsetting news and also some encouraging news. As I stated in this post from last August, there is no doubt in my mind that Duane will beat this cancer.  In fact, I am convinced of that now more than ever.  In an update, the Jewish prayer song I have at the end of the following post was recently sung by my brother's cantor in his ICU room as he was recovering from a true miracle after he survived many complications in a 12 hour triple bypass surgery.  I am so happy to say that my brother [one of my heroes] is rehabilitating at home now, doing great and is on his way to a full recovery.  Please everyone follow Duane's Caring Bridge Journal here and pray hard for big Duane and his family.
Original Post from August 09, 2012:
Duane Patterson's New Life Journey:
Sometimes, Hugh Hewitt on his radio show will jokingly say, "if only I had a producer".  Hugh can say that in jest as everyone knows he loves his radio producer, Duane Patterson, as do all the tribbles and all the listeners to the radio show.   It is in this light that I hope you don't mind this personal request.

Recently, after a tonsillectomy, Duane was diagnosed with  basaloid squamous cell carcinoma in his left tonsil. In about 10 days Duane will be traveling to Germany for treatment.  I do not want to go into the details, but if you follow his journal, you will understand why Duane is going to Germany and the treatment he will be having. I hope you will go to that web site so you can follow Duane Patterson on his new journey of defeating that tonsil cancer. 

Duane Patterson is a good man.  He is a man of strong Christian faith and conviction. I am requesting that all of the readers of this blog pray for this good man.  I pray that God is by Duane's side throughout his treatment in Germany, and that God will guide the hands of the doctors who will be treating him.

This tonsil cancer is messing with the wrong man.  It doesn't realize how tough big Duane is. I have zero doubt in my mind that Duane will beat this cancer and beat it like a drum.

It will be a great joy many years from today when we look back along with a cancer-free Duane Patterson on this successful journey in his life.   I love you, man!

Remember to follow Duane's journal here. On twitter Duane is known as @radioblogger  If you follow him he will follow you back. You can be one of his more than half a million followers.

Mi Sheberach: A Jewish prayer for healing:

May the Lord bless you and keep you.
May the Lord make his face to shine upon you,
and be gracious to you.
May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you,
and give you peace.


bradley said...

Beautiful sentiment big mike---- miracles happen every day, Duane awaits his and i pray he gets his!

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Love you brother for those words!

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Thank you for posting this again. I know that Duane will beat this with courage, determination, and prayer. Blessings!

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Yes, Joel in his journal Duane says he has a plan filled with prayer. With God on his team, that is a winning combination.

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Thank Ila! I mean what I are my hero too.

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