Saturday, July 25, 2020

Now That I'm 70

A repeat post published a couple of years ago - Today I guess I would have to change the title to “Now That I'm 73” as today, July 25, 2020 is my big 73. 😀  

With all due apologies to the Beatles, in how much I've butchered up their great song, "When I'm 64", I made this song upon turning 70 [in July 2017] for a tribute to my wonderful blessing, my wife, the fetching Mrs. Sheralyn B. 

The fetching Mrs. Sheralyn B. - What is her secret in not looking older like me?

What is unfortunate, I cannot actually show this to my wife because for some strange reason she thinks listening to my singing videos is like torture, and not the beautiful singing everyone else hears...well a lot of people hear....well, some people hear...well, actually I haven't found one person who hears it yet.   But I'm still trying.    :-)

Now That I'm 70:

and to give myself a birthday present...another great song written by the legendary Beatles    

Beatles: Today Is Your Birthday:


Bedfordguy said...

A smile is on my face, big Mike. Great job, and Happy Birthday!!!!

Big Mike said...

Thanks big Harry! And thanks for not commenting on my singing!

Joel said...

Well done!!! Very cute!! What a nice tribute to Sheralyn and to your 70th!! Paul and Ringo will be calling soon! :)

Big Mike said...

Thank you Joel!!! I think I hear the phone ringing now. :-)