Tuesday, November 6, 2018

It's Election Day

It's Election Day

Election day is now here
In the greatest country ever known
The results of all the many races
Will finally finally be shown

Republicans and Democrats
Or on the independent team
Are filled with tension and nervousness 
On results that soon be seen

Some will be happy and some sad 
And many with mixed results
Will make this a long night 
Of disappointment and exults

Hopefully when all is known 
The winners of this game
We can still unite as one
Blessings of America still do remain

There is one thing I do believe
That all of us can agree
The mailings, ads, donation requests
Happiness that soon we will not see

So, let us praise the USA
God Bless our great country
For the wonderfulness of this voting day
In the land of the brave and the free

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