Tuesday, August 21, 2018

I Like Facebook

I know, I know, it is heresy nowadays to praise either Facebook or Twitter, but I actually like both and glad they are here.  You can tweet or do a Facebook post or send pictures to so many people you would never in your life thought you would have access to without those two social media platforms being here; and many of the people you can reach are famous-either sports figures or people on TV or movie stars or politicians, etc. 

One thing I have noticed, most of the people criticizing how bad Facebook and Twitter are doing it on... Facebook and Twitter.   

Beam me up, Scotty.   :-) 

Anyway, I just had my 5 year anniversary on Facebook and they just gave me a video [private unless I wanted to share] of pics from my 5 years.  I love how they do this and how they select the best pictures.  Here are the top 3 pics they chose:  Two of one of my loves of my life, my precious granddaughter Skye Noelle, and the other one from my favorite [and one of my only]  Fox News television stars, Dana Perino.  These are in the order they put them.

Thank you, Facebook!

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