Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Where Were The Calls For Civility Then By Those Calling For Civility Now?

I love our country and because of that I am increasingly becoming worried about the ultra tribalism/division and the increasing incivility that seems to be taking place in our country with more regularity.  Yes, we have always had political divisions in our country - Democrats vs Republicans; liberals vs conservatives - but in recent years [even preceding this current president] the divisions have taken a nastier tone, where there is not just a friendly disagreement, but many times a visceral hatred of those not in your tribe.  Recent examples of this is Sarah Huckabee and her family being harassed and denied service [in fact thrown out] in a restaurant because she speaks for the president.  Also, we have Rep Maxine Waters sickening comments applauding this harassment and implying it should happen to all employees of anyone in this administration.

This incivility in words and actions has always disturbed me.  With the recent events we now hear from many, especially from supporters of this president, how this incivility is outrageous and should stop. 

Hmm. I agree for the calls for civility now, but where were those calls for civility "then"? 

Thanks for these clips [just a few examples] from Ali Velshi, MSNBC on "Velshi and Ruhle", June 26, 2018.


I wonder how many of those in the crowd cheering when Trump told them to "knock the xxxx out of them" are people expressing their outrage at the incivility taking place now?

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