Thursday, June 14, 2018

Can This 'Today In Baseball History' Really Be Possible?

I was watching the Houston Astros broadcast vs. the evil Texas Rangers on Wednesday night, June 14, 2017, and they showed a "Today In Baseball History" as they always do. They showed a stat that happened on June 14, 1974 that I find hard to believe.  Nolan Ryan was pitching for the California Angels [now called the LA Angels of Anaheim] against the Boston Red Sox and look at this amazing "hard to believe" stat that is circled on the bottom of the following display. 

If this is true, Nolan Ryan [pitching in 13 innings] threw 235 pitches. Two hundred thirty five!  Today if a starter would throw 235 pitches in two games, you would have to question if the manager is overworking them. 

I just have one word for what Nolan Ryan did on "today in baseball history": Wow! 

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