Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Whatever Happened to...?

Baby Jane [I know, I know, that one is too easy]

Cartoons and newsreels before the feature movie at a theater

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away"

Phone booths

Outdoor movies

Breaking coconuts with a hammer to eat the coconut and drink the milk

My Space

Cell phones


Kodak cameras

Doctors making house calls 

Baseball cards in bubble gum package


Collecting coins

It's Howdy Doody time

Roller Derby 

Jai alai [in Las Vegas]

Vinyl records

8-track tapes



Traffic cops

Those TV cliffhanger serials where you wonder how will the man whose car is about to go over a cliff not die, only to find out the next day he ingeniously opens the door and jumps out before it goes over the cliff :-) 
A relative telling you as a kid that it is a sin not to eat all your food because they are children starving in the world

Occupy Wall Street

The tea party

Flash Gordon

Sarah Palin

Jesse Jackson

"Tastes great, less filling"

"Hey kid, catch" ["mean Joe" Greene's jersey]

Stealing home at a MLB game - or even an attempt to steal home

Cuckoo clocks

"You the man"  "No, you the man"

Real hot meals on airplanes


The nurse in elementary school "painting" your throat when it's sore

The milk man

Dry ice being delivered to your house

Friday night fights of the week - by Gillette [boxing]

Black Jack gum

Teaberry gum

All day suckers [lollipops] 

Baseball double headers [real ones-two for the price of one, not these day night deals]

Chocolate phosphates

Downtown drugstore diners where in the back of the store you could get the best hamburgers ever

Sightings of UFO's 

and last but not least, whatever happened to: 

"Whatever happened to" lists?


bradley said...

Actually cuckoo clocks more ubiquitous than ever , as every clock in Obama whitehouse IS a cuckoo clock!

Big Mike said...

Hi Oooooooooooooooooooo!