Tuesday, December 22, 2020

You Know You Are Old If

I know there will be many, many obvious things I have forgotten [I guess which is another way that I know I am old], so please feel free and I would appreciate your responses of the things this old guy has forgotten.  Of course, in doing so you will give yourself away, but I say we may be older...but we are definitely better.  :-)

You know you are old if:

you still remember having to dial the operator to make a long distance call.

you couldn't wait to get up early in the morning to see the pattern on your black and white TV and hear the national anthem to signal that TV programs were about to come on one of the three channels available.

to hear the top 40 songs or any music you would have to turn on one of your AM radio stations.

you thought a Beta Max was the coolest thing ever.

you remember when LP stood for a vinyl record album, and you actually wish they were still in vogue.

you remember putting a penny on top of the head of the arm of a turntable [record player] near the needle, to stop the record from skipping. 

you couldn't wait to get home from school to sing along with the Mouseketeers, M-I-C-K-E-Y   M-O-U-S-E

you didn't have a calculator or computer to solve a math problem, but you may have had a slide rule

* you remember that Sunday evenings the whole nation was united.........in watching the Ed Sullivan Show ["We have a really big shoooe for you tonight"].

you still remember the words, "good night, Chet...good night David".

you still can hear in your memory "and that's the way it is" from Walter Cronkite.

you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when you heard the chilling news that President Kennedy was assassinated.

you saw live on TV Lee Harvey Oswald being shot and killed by Jack Ruby.

when someone asked "what time is it?" you responded with "It's Howdy Doody time."

Spanky and Alfalfa of "The Little Rascals" were your role models as a kid.

you were there at the time politicians actually made decisions in "smoke filled rooms."

the words "pot" "grass" and "weed" meant a container used for cooking, the green vegetation on lawns and a wild, undesirable plant.

* you were there when they first came out with something called 'slow motion replay' for sporting events [and you thought it was amazing].

you actually did walk to school in the snow [and thought it was fun].

you were thrilled every time you heard the words, "look, up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's Superman."

* you couldn't wait to see if you got a Stan Musial or Mickey Mantle baseball card in your bubblegum.

* you went to a MLB ballpark on Sunday to sometimes see two games for the price of one.

* no one ever told you to make sure the front door was locked

* you were growing up as a kid you might hear the word giggle, but never hear the word google.

* you remember the time you could go to the grocery store and you wouldn't even think about locking your car doors or rolling up your windows.

* your parents could give you a dollar to go inside a McDonald's to get a burger, fries and drink and they would tell you not to forget the change.

* when growing up the word gay meant to be happy and carefree.

* you used to go to the gas station to get a fill up and never had to get out of your car.  Then the same guy who would fill up your car with gas would check your oil level and the water in your battery and air in your tires and clean off your windows.  And then after all that service you would give him a $5 bill and receive change.  And then he would actually tell you thank you for coming in.

* going to the movies as a kid meant seeing cartoons, and a newsreel before the movie. [and sometimes before 2 movies featured at one showing]

* you agree that the popcorn at the movies was so much better than it is today.

* you remember watching the NBA championship on tape delay.

* as a kid you used to sneak in your transistor radio at school to listen to the World Series, as every game would be during the day. [and the teacher would ask you what the score was]

* you remember how cool you wanted your car in the summer was determined by how far you rolled down the window.

* you marveled at the new technology of a cassette player over the old 8 track players.

* you couldn't wait until the next week to get Volume 8 of your encyclopedia set at the grocery store.

* two of the most exciting toys you could get as a kid would be a Hula Hoop and a slinky. 

* you marveled when the movies came out in technicolor

* you had to turn in your glass coke bottles at the grocery store to get a refund of the extra amount you had to pay for them when you purchased them.

* you still remember when the NFL All-Star game used to be a game between the previous year's NFL championship team against a group of All-star college seniors [that would be getting their first paycheck] and the game took place before the season began.

* you were a kid when the MLB playoffs amounted to one series-the World Series, between the winner of the 8 team National League vs the winner of the 8 team American League.

* you were watching the first Super Bowl game between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs, and remember that it was not called the Super Bowl game but the first NFL-AFL Championship game.  [BTW the Packers won 35-10]

* it would have been unthinkable when you were a kid not to respect your elders by using the words, "yes, sir" or "yes, ma'am."

* when you were growing up the word aunt was pronounced "ant" by everyone. [and the way I still say it]

* your first album was "Meet the Beatles".

* one of the best hamburgers you could get would be at the counter in the back of the downtown drug store.

* the most fun ride you could have was to sit with your brothers and or sisters in the back of a pick-up truck with your father driving.

* you remember the doctor coming to your house when you got sick as a kid. 

* [from my brother Bradley] you remember putting playing cards into the spokes of your bicycle with wooden clothes clips, to make noise while you rode down your street in the neighborhood. 

* you remember when the NCAA basketball tournament consisted of 16 teams [i.e., it took 2 wins to get to the final four]

* the nurse at school used to "paint" your throat when you got a sore throat. [and it worked]

And finally you know you are old if:

* you remember taking a typing class...on a



Unknown said...

A trip down memory lane!

Big Mike said...

But you're not old enough to remember big Harry. :-)

Carl Catlin said...

You were right, Big Mike. I am certainly old enough!