Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Mister Piano

This is a repeat Tales Classical music post.

Frederic Chopin [1810 - 1849]
I think I would be in pretty good company saying that the great Romantic era composer from Poland, Frederic Chopin, is the greatest composer of piano music ever.  This virtuoso of the piano was a master at composing beautiful romantic piano melodies.  While most of the masters were virtuosos in more than one instrument, that is not true with Chopin.  Piano was his instrument.  For that reason Chopin did not compose many pieces that contain orchestral music or even any other instruments.  From Wikipedia on the list of Chopin's compositions, I believe Chopin composed only 10 pieces that contained other instruments with the piano.  He composed two beautiful piano concertos; 3 pieces for cello and piano; a trio for violin, cello and piano; "Andante spianato et grande polonaise brillante" for orchestra and piano; a "Fantasy on Polish Airs" for piano and orchestra; "Rondo a la Krakowiak" for piano and orchestra; and "Variations of 'La ci darem la mano'" [an aria from Mozart's Don Giovanni] for orchestra and piano.  

Other than those ten pieces, every other composition of Chopin was for solo piano.  

He was prolific in his solo piano compositions with Etudes, Nocturnes, Polonaises, Sonatas, Preludes, Impromptus, Scherzos, Ballades, Mazurkas, and Waltzes.

Yes, it is true that most of the other great masters had many more great orchestral works and chamber pieces than Chopin, but not many of the other masters can come close to the so many beautiful solo piano compositions of Frederic Chopin.  

That is why I say that Frederic Chopin is indeed, Mister piano.

Please turn up the volume and enjoy some beautiful music for the piano from "Mister piano", Frederic Chopin.

F. Chopin: Nocturne #20 in C-sharp minor:

F. Chopin: Polonaise, op. 53 in A-flat Major, "Heroic":

F. Chopin: Grande Polonaise Brilliante in E Flat Major for piano and orchestra:

F. Chopin: Waltz in D-Flat Major, "Minute Waltz":

F. Chopin: Prelude #20 in C minor:

F. Chopin: Waltz #2 in C-sharp minor:

F. Chopin: Piano Concerto #1 in E minor:


lynngg said...

Well played Sir. Chopin is indeed Mr. Piano

Big Mike said...

Thanks Lynn!