Monday, December 9, 2019

Some Top Concertos Other Than Piano Or Violin

The Tales has had many posts on the favorite piano concertos on the classical music weekends on this blog.  Also, recently we did a post on the Tales favorite violin concertos.  The reason we concentrated on the violin and piano concertos is because those are the top two instruments of composition in the concerto genre. But there have been many great concertos written for all the instruments of the orchestra.  

So, on this Tales classical music post we would like to document 5 of our favorite concertos where the solo instrument is an instrument other than the violin or piano.

When we named our top 5 violin concertos, it did not include one of my favorite composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  His violin concerto #5 "a la Turka" is very good but it did not make the cut of the greats in this blog's opinion.  But we sure make up for that today as Mozart has three of our top 5 concerto picks with instruments other than violin or piano.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  [1756-1791]  
The concertos we name in our top 5 include the solo instruments of the horn, flute, trumpet, clarinet and cello.

I should make this clarification.  In picking these concertos, I made sure not to include concertos of the same instrument-so these are my tops picks of different instrument concertos [other than piano or violin]. 

Without further ado, please turn up the volume enjoy some of the Tales favorite concertos other than piano or violin.

W.A. Mozart: Horn Concerto #4 in E Flat Major, Movement 3, Rondo - Allegro Vivace:

W.A. Mozart: Flute Concerto #2 in D Major, Movement 3, Rondo - Allegro:

Franz Joseph Haydn: Trumpet Concerto in E Flat Major:

W.A. Mozart: Clarinet Concerto in A Major:

Antonin Dvorak: Cello Concerto in B minor:


Pamela said...

Michael, don't forget Fracois Boieldieu's exquisite harp concerto. It is worthy of mentioning. Pam

Big Mike said...

Yes, that would have been a good one! And I forgot there's a nice oboe concerto by Richard Strauss I could have put on there. Thanks Pamela!!