Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Independent From H-Town

I could have also entitled this post, "Man With No Party."

As many of you know, mostly for the unpresidential and irrational behavior [such as mocking a disabled reporter, attacking a Gold Star mother, saying soldiers who got captured by the enemy are not worthy of being called heroes because they got caught, numerous misogynist comments, & his lunatic conspiracy theories] Donald Trump exhibited in the Republican primary campaign, I was a Never Trumper and did not vote for him [I wrote in Marco Rubio]; he was the first Republican candidate for president I did not vote for in over 40 years. I have been a loyal [donating] member of the Republican Party all those years, up until yesterday.

Despite not voting for him, others convinced me to stay in the party and try to change it. They also said, don't worry, other responsible Republicans will call him out if he exhibits unpresidential behavior and hold him to account.  Well, I have stayed in to come to find out it is not true that responsible Republicans have been holding him to account; indeed they are doing the opposite-making excuses for his behavior.

Even with that, I have still stayed in the party.  Then the extremist, Steve Bannon's, "man" Roy Moore [a man who has been chastised for violating Supreme Court ruling while being a judge in Alabama] was elected by the Alabama GOP to be their candidate for the US Senate.

Even with that, I have still stayed in the party.  Then the very credible and numerous accusations of disgusting sexual conduct toward teenagers, while Moore was a judge in his mid 30's came out. Many GOP leaders in the party said Moore's behavior was unacceptable and he should withdraw from the race.

So, because of those words by some in leadership, I have still stayed in the party.  But then the president of the United States decides to come out in full support of Roy Moore, believing his word over the credible accusations of the brave women who have come out against him.  That was sickening enough [although not really surprising coming from this guy who I am glad I did not vote for], but doubling down was the RNC who, because of the president's endorsement, switched their original position to now not only supporting him 100% but sending Republican's money [who donated and are members of the RNC] down to Alabama to help get him elected.

Now that is the proverbial straw that broke that camel's back for me. No Moore! No more, can I in good conscience call myself a Republican. No more do I want the president, and the Steve Bannon's and the Sean Hannity's and the Roy Moore's to speak for me. I now understand the only way I can make that crystal clear is for me to withdraw my support from the RNC and the Republican Party.

I now am officially an independent from H-Town. I have longed since known I could never be a member of what has become in recent years an increasingly far left Democrat Party; and I now know I can no longer be a member of the Republican Party. What does this mean to say I am no longer a Republican. It means I will not work for the party or donate money to the party [i.e., the RNC, Republican Senatorial fund, Republican Congressional fund] or offer my prayers to the Republican Party. And if a pollster ever calls me to ask what party I belong to, I will say I am an independent, not a member of either political party.

I now, when voting, will not reflexively just be voting for someone with an R by their name. I will look independently at their positions and, yes, their character/behavior, and then make my decision. 

During the Clinton presidency when the Lewinsky affair was revealed, I was one of the many conservative GOP voices that shouted out "character matters".  I actually believed that was more than just a slogan then and meant what I said. Unlike many of those in the Republican Party, which is obvious from recent events, I still believe that now.  Character matters - and it matters no matter which team it hurts.

I understand Rep Conyers has announced his retirement today-it should have been his resignation today. So, now, if the Democrats were smart, but they are not, and didn't just exhibit the same tribalism as the GOP is doing, damn what is good for the country, they could actually pin a nightmare scenario on the GOP.  What would that be?  If they demanded and got the immediate resignation from Al Franken from the United States Senate, then they [the Democrats] would able to use in their campaign ads, "we threw out a man in our party with credible accusations of sexual assaults on women, while the RNC is welcoming into their party a man with credible accusations of sexually molesting teenage girls."

That would be a nightmare for the Republican Party, but like I said, fortunately for the Republicans, the Democrats don't have the political intelligence, or what would be a better reason-morality, to do so. 

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