Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year 2018!

Tales wishes everyone a safe and great New Years Eve tonight and a very blessed, healthy Happy New Year 2018!
Note: the following is from last years New Years Eve:

I happened to be playing 'Words With Friends' with this lady from Australia and last night [Dec. 30 at 10 pm here in Houston] she sent me this message in 'Words With Friends' - "It's New Year's Eve for me right now...and I'm making my way down to Sydney harbor with my children and friends to have dinner and watch the [spectacular] fireworks."  Wow, I knew there was a big time difference but didn't realize it was that big. 

So, I went to You Tube to check out the fireworks from Sydney and indeed they are awesomely spectacular.  Here are the fireworks display from last year's New Year's Eve Sydney, Australia.  Play in full screen display for best results.  Fireworks from "down under".

Sydney 2016 New Years Eve Fireworks display:

Please turn up the volume for this beautiful version of Auld Lang Syne.


On Dec. 30, 2017 I posted the following on my Facebook page:
Praying for all those whose year was not a good one-either physically or for anyone who experienced the loss of a loved one or for those affected by one of the natural disasters (like my sister who lost her home due to the flooding from Hurricane Harvey).

2017 was a great year for Sheralyn and me as we both had great health-and we got to experience our granddaughter: Skye walking and beginning to talk and showing her great intelligence in her second year of life- What a blessing! 

and we got to experience the Houston Astros in the World Series [as I went to my first World Series game ever] and the Houston Astros winning their first World Championship!
I hope 2018 can turn out as well for Sheralyn and me as 2017 has been!

Happy  New  Year  2018!

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