Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Big Jose Altuve

Repeat post from December 2017-with an update Tales Video "Jose Altuve Is A Big Man" at the bottom of the post. 

Big Jose Altuve - December 8, 2017

On twitter I posted this great article of  the Astros great All Star and MVP second baseman, Jose Altuve, winning the "Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year in 2017".

Jose Altuve, while maybe a small man in stature, only 5'6", is a very big man with a big heart and a big competitive spirit.  But that doesn't stop some of my friends on the social media kidding about his height.  One of my good friends, I won't call out his name but just say that many refer to him as the "generalissimo", who is a huge Angels fan, kiddingly tweeted to me about Altuve winning the great honor of sportsman of the year: "shouldn't he be standing on the box to make him look bigger instead of sitting next to it?"

Well, I tweeted back to "generalissimo": "He doesn't need to stand on any box to hit HR's off the Angels pitchers."

Jose Altuve proved what a big man he is in the 2017 MLB season and playoffs
Let us now see the power Big Jose displayed without standing on any box in the 2017 playoffs in the American League vs. the Red Sox and the Yankees, and then in the World Series vs. the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Jose Alutve's Homeruns in the 2017 Playoffs:

Congratulations to the Houston Astros second baseman,  Jose Altuve, a big man Houston literally loves.  [that's an inside joke Houston fans will understand--check out google: Jose Altuve literally loves Justin Verlander]

UPDATE: Tales Video: "Jose Altuve is a Big Man":

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