Thursday, November 9, 2017

Just To Be Close To You

This will be the last Tales post for about a week, as the Tales and the fetching Mrs. Tales, aka Sheralyn B., will be going on a mini-vacation to Lake Charles, LA. 

The feature of the trip will be attending the soul music group, Commodores, at the Golden Nugget on Friday, Nov. 10, 2017.  I'm really looking forward to this concert as I have seen them many times, decades ago, and they are one of my favorite groups with many of my favorite songs in their repertoire.

My friend, Duane Patterson, when I told him we were going to see the Commodores, tweeted in a friendly joking matter, "ah, but are they really the Commodores without Lionel Richie?"  Good point, Duane, but I have a feeling they will still be fantastic and bring back many wonderful memories, even though they may not have the exact great sound they had from many years ago.  Of course, maybe my voice and looks have changed slightly from back in the 70's.  Very slightly, I think.  :-) 

Here's a few of the songs I know we will be hearing - I hope!

Just To Be Close To You:


Three Times A Lady:

Brick House:

Just playing some of these songs have me really excited about seeing the 2017 Commodores on Friday night.  I hope the fetching Mrs. B will love it too!
Just to be close to you!
Will be posting again soon--how soon, who knows.  :-) 

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