Friday, December 1, 2017

Jake Tapper Nails Lindsey Graham On Hypocrisy

I am a Republican [at least still at this moment] and I like Senator Lindsey Graham, R-SC.  But, just as I am dismayed [and sickened] by Democrats who didn't immediately call for their fellow congressmen, Conyers [in the House] and Franken [in the Senate] to resign and leave office after very credible evidence of many episodes of sexual harassment against them, I am equally dismayed when my fellow Republicans won't call out the president for his juvenile, and destructive tweets when asked about them by reporters. They will either say, oh I haven't seen those tweets, or if it were me I wouldn't do it, or like Lindsey Graham did try to deflect blame on the media for daring to bring up the subject.  In fact, Lindsey said he was sick of the media focusing on the president's tweets, looking like their trying to label the president as a "kook or unfit for office". 

Jake Tapper - CNN
Sen Lindsey Graham - SC

Jake Tapper on his afternoon show on CNN, "The Lead", on Thursday November 30, 2017, nailed Senator Graham for his total hypocrisy, by showing this video: 

If you think you can give Senator Graham a pass because maybe he was talking about Donald Trump from decades, actually he said that in 2016, not exactly that many years ago.  Now I actually agreed with the Senator Graham of 2016, not this new and revised version in 2017.  :-) 

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