Wednesday, November 22, 2017

An American Classical Thanksgiving Week

Repeat post originally published on "the Tales" 2012 Thanksgiving Classical weekend 

To everyone I wish a wonderful, blessed Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a distinctly American holiday on which we recognize all of our wonderful blessings from God.  So, on this Thanksgiving week Tales would like to highlight the late American classical composer, Aaron Copland.   

Aaron Copland is one of those blessings to whom Americans give thanks for.   He brought an American style to his classical compositions and is sometimes referred to as the "dean of American composers". 

Aaron Copland - [Nov. 14, 1900 - Dec. 2, 1990]
One of Copland's greatest compositions is "Appalachian Spring". Appalachian Spring is an orchestral suite that was composed for a ballet.  Appalachian Spring seems appropriate for this great American holiday as Copland inserts into this suite an early American Shaker hymn known as "Simple Gifts".  Copland brings out the ultra beauty of this hymn with his orchestral arrangement.

Along with Appalachian Spring Tales also has a video of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's singing of "Simple Gifts."  Then enjoy from this great American composer his "Fanfare for the Common Man" and the energetic "Hoe-Down" from his ballet Rodeo. 

Please turn up the sound put in full screen and enjoy this great American composer on this American Holiday week.

Aaron Copland: "Appalachian Spring":

Shaker hymn: "Simple Gifts" sung by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir:

Aaron Copland: "Fanfare for the common man":

Aaron Copland: "Hoe-Down" from the ballet - Rodeo:

Happy Thanksgiving Blessings to all


Anonymous said...

you do know he was commie gay bloke don't you lol

Big Mike said...

All I know is he was a great composer of beautiful music.

bradley said...

Hey anonymous, get a life , chill out, and enjoy the music without being so judgemental!!!

Enjoyed al 3 mike, but the last is very energizing and exciting!

Big Mike said...

I agree brother Brad. Thanks doc!!