Monday, October 2, 2017

You's On First

Hat/Tip:  one of the good guys on Facebook - Tom Zampino

2015 Nobel prize winner Tu Youyou
This was a story from October of 2015 from the BBC News where we learned that Tu Youyou was the first Chinese woman to win a Nobel Prize, for her work in helping to create an anti-malaria medicine.  

The Tales has learned from a source we cannot and will not reveal, that Youyou's friends call her You for short.  

Oh, so all this time I thought Bud Abbott had told Lou Costello Who's on first, when it was actually:

Bud:  "You's on first."
Lou:  "Who?"
Bud:  "You."
Lou:  "I'm not on first."
Bud:  "I know, You is."
Lou:  "What?'
Bud:  "He's on second." ...

Now for the original:  Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, "Who's On First.":

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