Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Welcome To H-Town, Finally, Mr. Fall

This original post was from early October in 2017, when Fall "temperatures" finally arrived in H-Town.

During the summer I have been walking in this "cool" mall to do my morning walk out of the sun's draining heat. That has continued past the summer as it seems like the hot temperatures would never go away in Houston.  That is until today, when it seems like out of the blue, there was an actual chill in the air as I walked outside.  I looked at my weather app on my I-phone to see the temperature at 60°.  Wow!  So, back outside today to these beautiful lakes area to do my morning walk.  Hallelujah!

What a great feeling doing my walk around these lakes "in the fall"
Finally, Fall has officially come to H-Town!  Thank you, God!

Update: Oct. 15, 2018:  Temperature in Houston today- 57.  Baby it's cold outside.  :-)   

In honor of this, Tales would like to play Vivaldi's great "Autumn Violin Concerto" from this Baroque composer's "Four Seasons".

Update: October 8, 2019: With history repeating itself, as we finally feel a cool day in H-Town, let us remember what else happened in the early Fall of 2017.  The Houston Astros, who were in the ALDS at the time of the post, went on to win their first World Series Championship.  Let us hope this October the Houston Astros, who are right now in the ALDS, will go on to win their second World Championship!


bradley said...

Fall is a great concept---so glad Houston figured out how to join the season!!

Big Mike said...

Ha! That's what I'm talking about. :-)