Monday, June 22, 2020

Sonatinas That Warmed A Dad's Heart

Muzio Clementi was an important composer and classical pianist from Italy. He is well known, along with Carl Czerny for his studies [etudes] for the piano.  Many young classical music students will know the name of Clementi for his studies and sonatinas.  

young Ebony
I remember my daughter, Ebony
, in her Suzuki classical music classes [started when she was 5 years old], while using the studies of Czerny, played some nice sonatinas by Clementi.  I especially remember these two bright, happy sonatinas Ebony would play at age 7 or 8.  The first piece is a short 3 movement piece, I think you can see how it could warm a Dad's heart with happiness hearing his little girl play this.  It still was amazing to me how a person so young could memorize all three movements.  

In the Suzuki method the students had to memorize and play without music all their pieces.  The second piece, which is Clementi's sonatina #3 [1st movement], is played by a little girl at about the same age my daughter was when she played this piece.  It brings back great memories to watch this.

I hope you don't mind this personal wonderful remembrance from a proud father, remembering his little girl playing these sweet sonatinas by Muzio Clementi.

Muzio Clementi: Sonatina #1 in C Major:

Muzio Clementi: Sonatina #3 in C Major, Movement 1, Spiritoso:

Now my little girl, is a grown woman who has made me proud and has given me and my wife a precious granddaughter that has warmed my heart once again!

My daughter Ebony and granddaughter Skye Noelle from a couple of years ago


bradley said...

There is little if anything more heartwarming than good memories of our own children growing up---- thanks for bringing that fact to the forefront! The song I remember my pop by is kig cole's "what a wonderful world!"

Big Mike said...

Amen Brad! Wow wow what a wonderful world is perfect for Pop!!!! That's the one!

For Reenie it's Rhapsody in Blue just because that was always her favorite.

Thanks brother!