Tuesday, October 17, 2017

GOP Needs A John Dean Like Warning About Steve Bannon

It's scary to think that Steve Bannon, who proudly once proclaimed how he made Brietbart a platform for the alt-right, was President Trump's chief strategist in the White House.  This bomb thrower who is now back at Breitbart, thankfully removed out of the White House, has proclaimed a "war on the GOP establishment" [i.e., a war on everyone in the GOP who is not Trump]. 

For full disclosure, I consider myself a Bill Buckley, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Marco Rubio, Ben Sasse Republican, so I guess I would be a part of the GOP establishment that Bannon is declaring war on.  Maybe because of that I think Steve Bannon and those like him [ex. Sean Hannity] are very dangerous to the continued existence of the Republican Party.

In saying all this, I am not saying the Republican Party and their leaders in congress, like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, are without blame for the frustrating lack of legislative action that all Republicans feel. I am just saying extremists like Bannon are not the people we should turn to, to fix the Republican Party. Because Bannon's fix, isn't a fix at all.  It is a total destruction of the Republican Party as we know it that he is aiming for.  There are some great Republicans, like Marco Rubio and Tom Cotton and yes, like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, and many, many more that Bannon would call the establishment that he has declared war on and wants to take out. We don't need fewer of these great Republicans, we need more.

In 1973 during the Senate "Watergate" hearings, President Nixon's White House counsel, John Dean, described to the committee how he had told President Nixon about a cancer that was growing on the presidency that needed to be removed:

I think a similar warning of what will happen to the Republican Party if this Steve Bannon cancer is not removed.  A warning like this: "There is a cancer that has attached itself to the Republican Party named Steve Bannon. That cancer will grow and if it is not removed, it will kill the Republican Party."

Yes, the Republican Party is and should be a big tent party of diversity of people and ideas.  But just as we [the Republican Party] basically told the bigot David Duke to get the hell out of the party, [and like many years ago we pushed the anti-immigrant, and some who feel anti-Semitic, Pat Buchanan out] you and your ugly views are not welcome in the party of Lincoln, we should do the same to Steve Bannon.  I am not calling Bannon a bigot or anti-Semitic, he is certainly no David Duke, but I am saying he not only does not have the Republican Party's best interest in mind, he actually wants to destroy the party.  

Kicking someone out of the party who wants to destroy it is not forgoing our ideals of a big tent party in my opinion.  I say remove this cancer. 


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