Thursday, October 5, 2017

Feeling Blessed Recovering From Mohs Surgery

Just on a personal note - I had Mohs surgery to remove cancerous cells on part of my nose and it was completely successful and I feel blessed because of that. By instructions from my surgeon, I am resting this week - taking it easy - and this is the reason I will not do too much posting this week on my blog.  

Yesterday on my Facebook page I wrote this: "I feel so blessed today thinking about my great dermatologist doctor brother, Bradley Beckman and the awesome Mohs surgeon, Dr. Libby Wright, who removed the cancer with great expertise and care. She is truly a great woman.
Houston Skin Surgery Center
Last night as the normal swelling she said I would have that would also include my eye, and all the numbing medicine wore off - I had trouble sleeping-as I wasn't in pain, but it was like an annoying feeling-so I had to keep getting up during the night....but finally as the fetching Mrs. B was getting ready to go to work, I guess from being dead tired I was able to get a couple of hours of good sleep, and now I feel a lot better. I will be glad in a couple of hours when I can finally take this big bandage off that is covering my whole nose, and treat the area [stitches] with the peroxide and ointment and just put a couple of small band aids on. 
But all this is a small price to pay for the cancer to be completely removed from my nose-thank you once again, Dr. W!  Oh, and in a week is when I get to go back and have the stitches removed.  :-) 
Blessings all!"
As an update, I feel a lot better today [Wednesday] with a good night's sleep and the swelling has gone down.  

For anyone in or around the Houston area needing a great dermatologist I recommend my brother, Dr. Bradley Beckman; and for anyone needing one of the top Mohs reconstructive surgeons, I recommend Dr. Libbyette Wright both in the friendly, pleasant "Skin Surgery Center of Houston."

Once again as I feel blessed, I wish blessings to all! 


bradley said...

Yes big MIke , you are spot on. ( at least about the awesome Dr L Wright!) As a 35 year dermatologist who has diagnosed many many thousands of skin cancers , and having seen Dr Wright's work for 15 years, i will vouch for her incredible expertise, remarkable judgement , meticulous surgical technique, and empathetic caring personality. A role model for sure.

Brad Beckman

Big Mike said...

You are correct bro! She is the best!