Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The NFL Simple Solution

It is really sickening how these days we can't even enjoy, what should be a pleasurable diversion from daily divisive politics, NFL football. Whether you are like me who blames president Trump for stirring up a controversy that fans were largely ignoring, or you blame the players/teams or blame the league [i.e., NFL commissioner], or blame a combination of all the above for the controversy, that controversy has emerged that needs to end or it will hurt the game and hurt the fans from enjoying this diversion from the stresses of daily life.  

There is a very simple solution that will completely end all controversy.  The college solution. I am not positive this is done at all college games, but all the games I have gone to or have watched on TV this is what happens before the game: the home team's band will come out on the field with the players still in the dressing room and play their teams fight song and then play the National Anthem. Then, as the band is playing their fight song again, the home team players come out on the field to enormous roars.   #GoCoogs

University of Texas Band getting ready to play the National Anthem with players in dressing room

No players kneeling on the sideline, or backs turned to the flag or any controversy because it is the fans who are standing in respect to the flag and national anthem while the players are still in their dressing rooms during the playing of the National Anthem.  

What's wrong with that on the professional level?  Then the fans can enjoy football again without damn politics shoved in their faces.

That is the Tales NFL simple solution.    


bradley said...

I LOVE this idea , perfect. And BTW, make no mistake, this had become a non issue, almost everyone had forgotten about Kapernick , until Trump tweeted his crap ---- just to hear the President use the words "s o b" is repulsive!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Brad!

Bedfkrdguy said...

A total cop out in my opinion. Why should we break an age old tradition of respecting our flag. It's an American thing to do, big Mike.