Monday, December 14, 2020

Soothing Rondo in A Minor By Mozart

Hopefully this is a peaceful and blessed day for everyone. I thought perfect for a peaceful day is this pleasant soothing Rondo for piano by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I was thinking if I was still in school, high school or college, or if I was doing any work that required thought, this pensive piece by the great Mozart is the one I would play in the background to aid me in relaxing and concentrating. 

W. A. Mozart  [1756 - 1791] 
This one movement in A minor piece written for solo piano may not be exciting, but it certainly is relaxing and beautiful. 

Please turn up the volume, sit back and enjoy some soothing beautiful music from one of my favorite composers, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

W.A. Mozart: Rondo in A minor:

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