Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Julia Morales Emotional Interview With Astros Carlos Beltran

Julia Morales

Before the Astros game with the Texas Rangers on Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2017, on the field great Astros TV reporter for the AT&T SportsNetwork, Julia Morales, interviewed two Astros' players from Puerto Rico, shortstop Carlos Correa and outfielder Carlos Beltran, regarding the devastating situation in their home country [from Hurricane Maria]. 
Astros SS - Carlos Correa 
Astros outfielder - DH - Carlos Beltran
You will find out from the interview, these are not just two great major league baseball players [both of whom will probably go in the Hall of Fame in the future] but these are two great gentlemen whose love and empathy for their home country is evident. I suggest you get Kleenex before watching the interview of Julia Morales with Carlos Beltran - it may bring tears to your eyes - check that, it will bring tears to your eyes. 

Julia Morales interview with Correa and Beltran on Sept. 26, 2017:

Here is Carlos Beltran Hurricane Relief Fund to raise money for the people devastated by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico: please click here.

May God Bless these two great men and their home country of Puerto Rico and all of the people in Puerto Rico.  Thank you for this segment Julia Morales!

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