Tuesday, March 26, 2019

This First Pitch Gives New Definition To Throwing Junk

As the Major League Baseball season is about to begin in a couple of days, where in every Major League Park the tradition of some lucky person getting to throw out the first pitch occurs, let us look back from this first pitch two years ago in this repeat post from August of 2017.

John Berman - CNN morning host
Hat/Tip: Hugh Hewitt who mentioned this video on his morning radio show; and to CNN Host John Berman who I must give credit to the quip I used in the title of this post that the following video should be called "throwing junk".

I love baseball, and just one of the reasons is for its many long held traditions.  One of those traditions is having some different citizen/fan/celebrity, etc. throw out "the first pitch", before the game starts.   

I've seen many funny things happen during that first pitch ceremony, but what happened last night [Wed.-Aug. 16, 2017] in Fenway Park in Boston in a game between the Red Sox and Cardinals tops them all.  I am certainly not making fun of the fan of the Red Sox who threw out the first pitch, Jordan Leandre, who is a 17 year old courageous cancer survivor, just at the results of the pitch,  just a little bit outside.

Thanks to John Berman who I first heard say this:

"This First Pitch Gives New Definition To Throwing Junk":

Jordan, I don't care if you can pitch or not, you are still a hero of mine for what you went through surviving cancer as a young child.  Bless You! 


Bedfordguy said...

That was an unfortunate incident!

Big Mike said...

Yes, especially for the cameraman 😀⚾️